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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Meet our new additions: Jam and Toast!

About seven weeks ago and after a lot of research me and the fella decided to expand our family. We always knew that we wanted pets but realistically after moving into a new home and all the financial implications we didn't think we would do it too soon. I had seen a rescue centre online and it kept playing on my mind and I thought well, we can just go visit one weekend and see for the future. You can guess what happened.. we went, fell in love with two little bundles of fluff and the rest well is happening right now.

The centre we visited was great and part of their rehoming program is that after you have chosen your kittens that they come and visit your home to ensure that is suitable for them. I really liked the whole process as the rescue team was friendly, we got to play with the kittens mom so knew they'd be lovely but more importantly they were truly focused on wanting the best home for the kittens. The centre is called Cramar and I couldn't recommend them highly enough to anyone wanting to adopt cats. 

After about 2 weeks of waiting for the kittens to be ok to leave their mom and the home check being completed we got a call to say that we could come get them. This was strange because it still didn't feel real. We had bought all the essentials and set up their space in our house but still, this got real fast! 

The centre is about 25 minutes away from where we live so the drive was tense but super exciting. When we arrived we carried in our pet carry case which the centre took and bought the kittens out in. At this point we were running on sheer excitement and hearing the kittens meow in the little case was lovely but a little nerve wracking - the desperation for them to be happy hit me hard. What was extremely stressful was the drive back as they really did not enjoy that..... anyone with cats will know cats and car rides are not the best of friends!

When we got home we let them adjust at their own pace, sat and played and over the next days got them used to their new lives with us. It took a lot less time than we thought for these little monsters to make themselves at home :)
So here they are.... Jam and Toast! 
(They are brother and sister - Jam on the left is a long haired female and Toast on the right is a short haired male.)

As I'm writing this our little additions are trying to crawl all over the keyboard and I wouldn't have it any other way. In the time we have had them they have caused sheer chaos in our house, had one emergency vet visit (very scary!) and lots of visits from family and friends wanting to play. They are growing fast and their personalities are developing each day so I am excited to see our little lions explore life! 

I wanted to share this as I love them and there will probably be lots of pet posts coming soon! I also wanted to note that the kittens mom Sabrine was adopted quickly alongside all the other kittens in the litter but lots of cats are still in need of adoption. If you are wanting to expand your family I would urge you to visit your local rescue centre and open your hearts to cats/kittens in need. 


Jasmin Booth said...

Aw they are just the cutest!! I'm so jealous, I reeeeeally want a cat soon!

Jasmin Charlotte

Carolin Schroeter said...

Oh cute little kitties :) Hope they get along well with your dog Roxy (hope I've remembered the name correctly!). Your blog has changed so much since my last visit, well done on the new design x

Caz | Style Lingua

Becky Burden said...
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Sarah Athow-Frost said...

Oh my goodness!!!! They are so, so gorgeous. I am literally in a puddle on the floor at how cute they both are. My cat Shilling is huge now, might be time for a little kitten companion for her! Love the names as well! :) x

Sarah | www.sarahdeluxe.com

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