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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Healthy Starts with the Brekkie Club

A confession here.. I don't normally start my days very healthy, in fact I do skip breakfast *insert shocked face here.* Yes, yes, I know, a healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day but for me an extra 10 minutes in bed had too much appeal. So when the Brekkie Club reached out and offered me a week of healthy breakfasts I thought to myself this may be what I need to kick the skipping brekkie habit. 

After jumping at the chance a box arrived on my doorstep (in record time may I add) containing plastic pots of brekkie for each day. A leaflet is provided with what is in each days portion and each pot is clearly labelled with a rather cute coloured sticker. On first appearances it looked so easy that not even I wouldn't be able to do this each morning or make any excuses. 

As the contents of the box normally change each week with the Brekkie Club subscription I thought I'd share the low down on each day of my box. Here's what you see when you open the box: 

Brekkie Club Box

- Quinoa, almond and apricot muffins with soya yoghurt and pomegranate compot

The first time you try something is always a little odd but starting the week with a muffin for breakfast was a rather nice surprise! I opted for a bowl instead of using the pot provided first time around and although it all looked a little brown I actually really enjoyed my first breakfast. It was a nice mix of taste and texture with the cherry on top being one hell of a delicious muffin. I'm a true sweet toother so straying to a non chocolate muffin was something I'd never done before (weird I know) but I'm converted - roll on more muffins! 

- Apricot Kernel and pecan granola served with soya yogurt and pomegrante compot 

I was late for work on this day (damn you traffic) so the bowl went out the window and the full Tuesday contents went into the Tuesday plastic pot. The pot came with me to my desk and I ate as I worked which for sheer easiness was great. No mess, no fuss, just a lovely breakfast on the go.

- Blue B Overnight Barley

Each day I was getting more and more surprised about how much I was liking a healthy brekkie and the simplicity of it all. As instructed for this day and before I left work the day before, I put the oats onto soak in the office kitchen, ready for the next morning. Roll on 8am and I added the little pot of blueberries and the oat milk provided in the pot, stirred and it was done. Honestly I didn't think I'd like this one but the mix of textures and the blueberries was really nice and it felt very light to eat. Plus it was at this point in the week that my colleagues began to bring in breakfasts and chat about healthy eating - a sort of health conversion had begun in our office.

- Pecan and date protein balls with soya yogurt and pomegrante copot

Balls, yep you see them, balls. 
If you have read any health blog, magazine or just been on the internet at some point you would have seen people harping on about protein balls. To be honest I would never have chosen these for myself but I think that is part of the joy of a subscription box in the fact that you get to try new things. I was dubious on the balls but actually really liked them and would even go as far as to say I would have them in a pack alone for snacks in the day. They are one of those things that tasted great but also weren't overly filling so would be good for me at work or when I'm out and about.

- Lychee with Granola and Oat Milk

Lychee with Granola and Oat Milk

Ok so I'd never seen a lychee before and embarrassingly to me I thought it looked like fish. I mixed everything together in the pot as normal, closed my eyes and hoped for the best.... Taste and texture wise I have to be honest and say this wasn't a favourite of the week and I'm glad I tried it but maybe me and lychee's aren't meant to be. 

The Verdict:
So the verdict here is well, obvious. For me the convenience and quality of these healthy breakfasts is brilliant and also are quite good value. I would highly recommend this for those who like to just get up and go in the morning or want breakfast without having to lose that extra sleep time. 
You can choose the 3 Brekkie (£12) or 5 Brekkie a week option (£15) and the lovely people at Brekkie Club are offering BbyB readers a little trial!! If you go to the Brekkie Club and use the code BBYB16 you can try the first week for £10 and see how you feel. 

I'm ending this post feeling a lot brighter throughout the day and with the silly realization that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day - it only took me the Brekkie club showing me the way...
P.S The photos on this were taken by the awesome dude that is Tez Wu - Check out his work HERE


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