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Friday, 8 April 2016

Meet The Super Cool: Felt Mistress

Picture the scene: It's a rainy, moody evening in the artistic heart of Birmingham, Digbeth. I was on my way to Eye Candy Festival for a night of perusing awesome artists work and of course the occasional glass of wine, bottle of beer and it would go on... As the drinks flowed and I wandered around a warehouse filled with wonders, I found myself stood staring up at 'The Great Advisor' whose long blue limbs and subtly knowing expression had me hypnotized. Call it the warmth of the my 5th glass of wine or just my general obsession with creatives and their work, but from that moment on I became a huge fan of the work of Felt Mistress, the awesome creator of many a curious character.
The Great Advisor - Eye Candy Tumblr 

Since that night in 2014 I have followed Felt Mistresses work avidly and have fallen in love with characters along the way. Groam for example (see picture below) is a prime example of a freaking awesome character who believes “the only way to true happiness is through sheer misery.” "He enjoys sitting alone in cold rooms, overcast days and missing the last bus home. When not spreading misery Groam also enjoys playing Ping Pong. - Total babe right?

Groam - The Felt Mistress
Felt Mistress work has been seen all over the globe and their collaborations with Jon Burgerman (amongst many other awesome artists), for Selfridges window displays and their own unique creations have paved the way for a hugely successful career and an amazing world of felty creatures.

The most recent Felt Mistress project is Power Up! Simmer Down (see crew below) which is an exhibition happening now by Felt Mistress and her partner in crime Jonathan Edwards at Cafe Zenon in Tokyo. Myles, who likes sunshine and FM Radio, is the character in yellow headphones who may be my favourite from this lot... but then again this is a seriously cool crew - just check out those sandals! 

Power Up! Simmer Down Crew - The Felt Mistress 
Felt Mistresses work is just so full of fun, randomness and well, just great character that you can't help but love it. This was such a fun post to do and hopefully I can grab an interview from the Felt Mistress crew in the near future! 

Images were taken from the lovely Louise (Felt Mistress) who gave her full consent for me to share them -  go give her a shout out and hello as she is super cool (hence the title!)

Felt Mistress Twitter
Felt Mistress Instagram


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