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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Communicating with your hairdresser

So we've all been there, sat in the hairdressers chair anxiously awaiting that awkward conversation with a person you don't know but someone who will be basically controlling your hair. For me I think I've had way too many of these conversations as my favourite hairdressers over the years have gone travelling, emigrated or changed career so for me a new hairdresser and this conversation is an old game.

My hair before:
Most recently (5 days ago) I went for my second visit to a salon but to my first session with a new hairdresser. I was assured that they were 'great with colour,' bear in mind here I currently have bright purple hair, and that she was 'brilliant.' I sat down and waited to make that awkward small talk whilst making it crystal clear what I wanted. I have done this for so long that I bring images and am very direct with what I need so to ensure nothing untoward happens.  My eyesight is also poor so for me I only really see the full hair result when I pop my glasses back on and trust with a hairdresser is key.
The picture for hair reference I took in below - I asked for purple hair as I normally have with the very tips pale blue:
Roll on 3 hours and the glasses go back on..... *jaw hits the floor.* 
Not only is my hair still damp (not even close to being properly blow dried) but worse there is only purple colour on my roots. I sat there confused.... why would you only do my roots? What have you been doing for all this time? 
I of course ask the question and the hairdresser tells me it looks cool and that I will have to come back to have the rest of my hair finished in another colour. (Picture the horror on my face, then triple it.) 

Why should I have to come back? When did I say I only want purple on my roots? What the hell have you done? 
So many thoughts ran through my mind in a moment. Now, I am not a rude person and I actually find it very difficult to say I don't like something but I think my face clearly gave it away. The awkwardness set back in as a barrage of compliments from her came my way alongside grabbing colleagues to discuss my 'next visit.' I've played this game before so know when a mess is trying to be causally covered and actually if I had been told what was going on or the mistake that was made I think I would have been less upset about it. Needless to say I said my polite piece and went home and dyed the rest myself - what a waste of time and money!

Lesson Learnt: So this story is to illustrate that clear communication goes both ways in a salon. Don't be afraid to say what you want and don't keep your thoughts to yourself if you really hate it. If what happens to me then happens to you then you know there's really nothing you could have done and that maybe, just maybe the hairdresser should be telling you that they are not experienced enough to do what you are asking.

Top Tips for Communicating Clearly with your Hairdresser to avoid the above: 

1) Explain clearly what you want. This can be for colour or cut but remember your 'take 2 inches off' may be different to theirs so don't be afraid to grab your hair and show them. Sounds silly but if that 2 inches turns to 4 you will notice. 

2) Take Pictures: These are reference points for hairdressers and over the years all of the ones I have visited say this is the most useful took in avoiding any miscommunication. 

3) Be nice. I have spoken to several hairdressers over the years who struggle to speak to clients who are rude. I don't blame them because really who wants to deal with that?!?! But seriously, being nice during your visit makes everything easier including a continued discussion on what you want as an end result. 

Now some of you will be reading this and think I am vain because this is a post all about my hair. Some of you will also be like 'it's only hair' and yes I agree on both points but how I feel about my hair is my own personal feelings and this is a storytime/ helpful hints posts for those who are open to it. This post is also NOT an attack on the hairdresser who did my hair or to the lovely hairdressers out there. I love getting my hair done because of the great people I get to meet so I hope this was just a blip on my hair colour spectrum. 

Here's me now (Purple by Arctic Fox)


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