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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

You need a blooming shower!!

Fabulous, Foaming and Floral!

So for Valentines I was lucky enough to be bought roses by the fella and also be sent some 'You Need a Blooming Shower' Rose Body Cleanser by Anatomicals*. Now you may read that and think what..? that's a bit rude, girl you should be offended but if you know me I love any form of skincare especially if it smells of roses. Now full disclosure here I knew Anatomicals were sending me this so no offence was taken but my golly it was one hell of a good gift!


First things first the tube of this body cleanser is huge! Whoever said size doesn't matter is wrong when it comes to body products, for it's the more the merrier. The tube itself is 250ml, bright pink and extremely squeezy which means when it's wet in the shower you can't really drop it. What I really like is the Anatomicals branding and kooky blurbs that go on the products and this on is no different - it felt like it was talking to me (if you get this product you will understand.)
Now other than the result of have super clean, soft skin for me the smell is pretty high up there on turn offs in body products. For me there is nothing worse than using a hugely perfumed product that end sup breaking my skin out and leaving me in a daze as smells affect me in weird ways. Turns out Anatomicals have my back here and feel very similar so aim to get the balance right across their ranges. This products strikes that balance well although if you use too much it can be a little over the top. 

A big thank you to Anatomicals for my Valentines gift and if you wanted to give this a go it's only £3.00 on ASOS - what a bargain!