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Monday, 15 February 2016

Where is your Clothes Show post?

I'm grateful to have loyal readers of BbyB but sometimes you guys floor me with what you notice! As a long term visitor to the Clothes Show I have always written about my time there but I hadn't written about my 2015 visit and you guys noticed! *huge virtual hugs*

My mom used to take me to the Clothes Show when I was younger and I loved spending time with her shopping, chatting and generally having a fun time. Over the years I have also gone with friends and colleagues but each year I have come away with an uneasy feeling. It felt to me that something important had gone and something cold and cheap had replaced it.

In 2014 I wrote that I may be the wrong age demographic now for it and maybe the memories of me and my mom popping about the place having a brilliant time were because I was young. I still feel like this is the case but there is an air of unabashed consumerism that has taken the fun out of the experience and just left well... alot of rubbish. Now by saying this I don't include alot of the small independent brands as what they are doing is growing and offering products at a fair price but there are those at the clothes show just there to sell cap. There I wrote it, cheap crap. This to me is inexcusable as this should be a place for fun, innovative design that is made accessible to the general public not a marketplace showboating as something grandiose.

I had tried not to write this post as I am grateful to the Clothes Show team for inviting me but so many of you messaged me I couldn't not do this. To me the independent brands and the creative team behind the stunning catwalk show save the Clothes Show for me from being something I will never go to again. I will go each year with hope and support the smaller brands and hopefully one year it will surprise me. 


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