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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

What the hell is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates

Have you ever heard people talk about Reformer Pilates? I did and decided to give it a try... 

So a bit of background of where I currently am fitness wise:
Last year began with me in full Gym Bunny mode and really sticking to my exercise regime. Admittedly my diet was horrendous so really it just kept me balanced and by Aug/Sept it was getting boring. I was determined to add something new into my routine so began reading up on new fitness things to try. I kept seeing this odd looking machine everywhere called a Reformer and decided it maybe one to give a go.... 

It was actually quite hard to find a Reformer Pilates class near me at a reasonable cost. I currently reside in the West Midlands and it seems as it's not so common the prices rocket. In the end I found a class about 15 minutes away from where I work and to begin classes you have to have a rather pricey 1:1 session (£42!) 

The 1:1 session
You have to have a one to one session in order to understand how the machine worked and for the trainers to see my levels of flexibility, injury etc. This wasn't overly in depth but actually the machine can do alot more than I thought it could. The major thing you learn is the springs that are used, that you can adjust them and how each has a different level of resistance therefore increasing the level of difficulty. As you can see the machine looks odd but I will say it is very comfortable and as pretty much everything is adjustable it would be good for all shapes and sizes. The only downside (other than the cost) was that I had this training prior to the holiday period and in my first lesson I had forgotten pretty much everything.... 

The First Class
In the run up to this I was actually pretty nervous which was scary and cool all at the same time. Walking into a small class of 4 people people who you don't know and who have been doing this a long time was always going to take some getting used to.
As you have to book the month in advance (£17 per class), the class members won't change so currently I'm with 2 other ladies and one guy who are all about 20 years older than me! Weirdly this made it alot easier to settle in and the oldest lady (she's 62) is so freaking flexible it is inspiring.

During the first class we went through various exercises on the reformer machine and the teacher kept popping along and alter the springs as she saw fit. It was good to properly get into the swing of things and see how the exercises worked for each different person. I did think after the lesson that it wasn't overly strenuous but again I think that was down to us getting used to the machine and the teacher finding out our limits. 

Class no.2: 
I've just been to my second class and it was amped up with varying springs, balls, planks and all kinds of new exercises. This time our teacher meant business and made sure that we were feeling it! A big lesson I learnt is that it doesn't really mater what level of resistance (springs) you use in some exercises as some are better the less you use. I'm determined now to keep practicing to improve my balance and tone and to see how it will affect my flexibility. 

I am looking forward to my next class and will keep you updated on progress. Also if you want a more in depth tour of the reformer machine itself or to see it in action let me know :)


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