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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Raw Gorilla Munchies

So you're on that new year diet and you are looking for some healthier snacks to survive those naughty cravings? Or you are like me and hate the 'new year, new me' rubbish and just want to cut down on the sugar and feel a little less yucky. Well I may have found the solution in Raw Gorilla and their lovely Munchies*.

Raw Gorilla Munchies

You will have to excuse the not so great photo of the Munchies as I took these when I first got them at work and then they were gone seconds after - eaten by hungry colleagues. I was sent the Raw Gorilla Raw Maca & Cinnamon Munchies 40g (£1.49) and the Raw Gorilla Raw Cacao & Lucuma Munchies 40g (£1.49) to try, both of which went down a storm! Special praise was given by my coeliac colleague who struggles to find snacks constantly that won't make her ill; I was very popular in the office that day! 

Who are Raw Gorilla?
Raw Gorilla was born in early 2014 by the Founder Fraser Gregory who was on a mission to create healthy snacks/breakfasts that were cheeky, fun but most of all yummy. The brand has grown rapidly and the products can now be found everywhere from health food shops to the high street. 'Raw' food as it is known, is now not only extremely fashionable but also affordable to the masses as it really hadn't been over the past decade. 

What's in the products?
Organic, Sprouted, Raw, Gluten free, Paleo, Vegan, Grain free, non- GM, No added sugar, No added salt, no artificial colourings or preservatives. 

Now you may read the above and ask 'what on earth is sprouted?' which is exactly what my colleagues asked after they had devoured them. I won't do this justice so here's the right answers from the Raw Gorilla website: 

"To create nutritionally superior products we went back to ancient times where sprouting was part of people’s daily lives. Sprouting seeds, beans and legumes are an age old practice with the aim to unlock nutrients and create naturally functioning food which is easier on the body and nourishes at a higher level. By soaking these tiny nutritional nuggets, enzyme inhibitors are broken down as seeds are preparing to grow into a tree! We dry them at their nutritional peak whilst preserving a higher protein, fibre, mineral and vitamin content that is found in non-sprouted food.

Don’t forget, when our body is not working on digesting food it is free to metabolise and function well cleansing, detoxifying and repairing cells. The more light and easily digestible food we eat, the more time our bodies can spend on functioning optimally.

It’s worth remember the benefits of sprouting foods:
- It’s one of the most complete and nutritional food out there
- we can eat less by eating more
- a higher level of vitamins, minerals and enzymes
- the food’s natural protein and fibre is food intaking something? is enhanced
- sprouted food is very alkalising, meaning it creates a friendly environment for the right bacteria in our intestines
- is bursting with antioxidants"

Well with that all elequently put by Raw Gorilla here's the verdict (from me and the work maties):

Raw Gorilla Raw Maca & Cinnamon Munchies (the pink pack)
These were by far the favourites with the team, especially those like me with a severe sugar craving. The texture is crunchy but still has a bit of chew to it which makes them last a little longer when you are eating them. For me I think the sunflower seeds were the flavour I picked out as the strongest but there is a hit of cinnamon which is probably what made my sweet tooth happy. 
It boggles the mind that something this healthy can taste so damn good and as they are moreish you just want more and more. I would say the only downside to these was that they don't currently come in a larger bag or a multipack for sharing. 

Raw Gorilla Raw Cacao & Lucuma Munchies (the purple pack)
This was the pack that people in my office on diets/health regimes preferred. Weird I know but after some discussion they seem to think they've lost the cravings for naughty treats so prefer 'real healthy' things - it's all in the mind I say! Personally I will be picking these up for days when I know the cravings may beat me and I still want to remain somewhat healthy. Plus it's nice to have a snack that my gluten intolerant colleague can share! 

So it's a big thumbs up from me to Raw Gorilla - here's to snacking healthier and starting up my #GymBunny series again. 

*PR Sample - a very yummy one! 


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