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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Creature Candy, Crowd Funding and my bee obsession........

I love wildlife imagery- basically anything with a bee on it I have to have and this has spread over the years to most insects and creatures. I currently have realistic looking flower wallpaper in my room which has framed images of insects on it. Then all around are taxidermy butterflies and ceramic creatures surrounding me in nature - I basically want to sleep in an English country garden. To futher fuel my woodland desires I went on the hunt for some insect prints and came across Creature Candy....

When I first found Creature Candy last year I was floored by the beautiful products but also by the kind heart of the brand and the donations they make to wildlife charities. Each product (all made in the UK) sold features a creature and a percentage of the funds made from that product go to a relevant charity e.g You buy any of the bumble bee products and the a donation is made to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust - it's fabulous!!

They have today launched a crowdfunding scheme to raise money to launch their 3 new designs - hedgehog, red squirrel and the lesser spotted wood pigeon. You can pledge funds to help them out and also receive a thank you gift for getting involved.

"By launching these designs we will not only be able to support 3 new charities, but we will also be able to raise awareness of 3 more of Britain’s beautiful, but sadly declining, wildlife species." - Creature Candy

These are great causes that you can support by just grabbing one of their gorgeous designs from their website or by pledging funds through their crowdfunding platform. Of course my favorite is the Bumble Bee from their current collection with the bat in close second :) I fully expect my wildlife obsession to continue in my future home and have already decided to grab some of the A3 prints and also this gorgeous apron..
Bee Apron
Which of the Creature Candy products do you love? 

Make sure to head over to their crowdfunding page and pledge - such awesome causes! 
*NOT sponsored - adore this brand!


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