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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Buying homeware for an imaginary home....

You read the title and are intrigued right? She has no home or she's weird right...? 

Well no I don't, not the home my heart lusts after every moment of the day. For me home is sanctuary and yes I'm lucky enough to have been able to move back with my parents for a while but actually my childhood home has long since become suffocating. This is by no means disrespectful to my parents as I know having a 26 year old pottering about isn't the funnest thing for them either but my time here was up about 3 months ago. I am grateful to them for taking me back when realistically they could have left me to fend for myself but they are just too awesome to do that.

The admission here is that I have been stockpiling homeware for a home that currently lives within my mind but surely I'm not the only one who does this? I first said it was to save money later on but actually it's become a need to satisfy filled with pillows, kitchen ware and an odd amount of glass things. So get ready for homeware posts, inspiration boards and a whole heap of decor related posts because the addiction is real!

Space, my own space is now a real drive for me to work towards in 2016. I refuse to wallow in my current situation and will make this happen for my sanity if nothing else!

BelovedThings on Pinterest
@BelovedThings on Pinterest
My Pinterest currently holds my INSPO galleries where I'm seeking inspiration and actually to find what I like - it's harder than you think! Once I nail this or a constant style other than everything in grey comes along to the feed I think I will know what my home in reality may look like. I also of course will take on board my lovely partners opinions as it will be his home too so that will be a meeting of minds.. 
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