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Friday, 4 December 2015

ESPA Samples - Would I go full size?

I was over the moon when ESPA offered so send me some mini samples of their products earlier on in the year as I'd heard great things about them but had never actually got around to trying the ranges. What I was sent was two skincare samples and their tinted moisturisers in Nude and Blush so quite the nice overview of their range I thought. Since then I have used all the products up and now I can give my really honest opinion on 'Would I go Full Size?' 

The first thing you notice about any product is the packaging. I was surprised at how gorgeous even the sample packaging was as I love simple clean designs. The crisp white card parts were actually textured so felt that extra bit luxurious and the addition on the purple and gold details were just divine. Is it weird that I drool over packaging in these posts sometimes? :) Anyway I have broken down this post per item so you get the real scoop on each - enjoy! 

Optimal ProSerum £48 30ml 

1) Product (for reference see the first image within this post)
The Serum in sample form was actually very cute but a little fiddly to use as it had no dropper as such. I prefer that in a serum but as it was a sample I'll let it slide. What I will say is the sample size was huge and it took me a good while to get through so the full size would be a good investment at the £48 price point.
2) Smell
This smelled heavenly! I'm always a bit dubious of oils as some are packed with smells that aggravate my skin - Throughout my early uses of this I was keeping an eye on how my skin reacted and actually it was a positive reaction so the smells a keeper! 
3) Consistency
As you'd expect from a serum it's a smooth consistency but actually isn't too thin like some I've tried. It has a really nice colour and sheer to it so feels very expensive but light on the skin. Overall it sank into the skin pretty quickly so became a quick part of my skincare routine. 
4) Result 
I noticed that my skin became softer, I had less dry skin and actually I felt with or without makeup I had a subtle glow. 

Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser £32 50ml

1) Smell
Nothing to report here as I thought it barely smelled of anything - maybe the odd hint of foundation when laid on thick but that's it.
2) Consistency
This is the typical tinted moisturiser consistency and looks like it has more pigment in that others I have used. I liked having the two colour options but found Nude to be more to my skintone and used it up very quickly! I liked the fact that I could layer this for more coverage without feeling like I was cakeing on a mask.
3) Result 
F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S - gave me glowy skin and covered up blemishes well but didn't suffocate my skin. 

Optimal Skin ProCleanser £30 100ml 

1) Smell
The only real way I can describe the smell of this is fresh & clean. You know what I mean, it's smells like it's about to do some serious work cleaning the skin.
2) Consistency
I expected this to be similar to other high street cleansers I've used with micro beads and be a bit dull but hands up here, I was wrong. The texture is thicker and more gel like than others and the beads feel sturdier and like they could actually do something.
3) Result 
After the first time I was hooked and even with a small amount I felt it working and my dry skin (especially around my nose) - this worked a little miracle on my skin!

The actual answer to my post title of 'Would I go Full Size?' is yes in the case of all three. For me out of all the products I was sent I would say the Tinted Moisturiser in Nude was my favourite. As you can see from this post it gave me great results and fr me it was an easy face fix in the mornings before work.

Have you tried ESPA? What other products would you recommend from their range? 


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