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Monday, 7 December 2015

Cuppa Porridge - The Breakfast Champion for the Working Week

You know how the world tells you 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day'? Well I find it to be the most annoying, time consuming and frustrating meal. Because of this I've been on the hunt for the easiest breakfast meal I can, here's the low down: 
My Breakfast History (the working week): 

I've been having dry Weetabix for a ridiculous amount of years as I could grab it and go. Simple and yummy yes but I always made tonnes of mess in my car and all over myself plus the odd looks from colleagues upon arrival to work were annoying. 
Roll on phase two of breakfasts and I opted for the Quaker Oat So Simple pots which yes took a little more prep - i.e boiling a kettle, the 30 secs of stirring and the waiting but overall simple, portable and yummy. Admittedly I go for the original flavour which is basically plain but thats my morning flavour so don't judge! The only downside was when I chose to sleep in a little later and have to do my breakfast at work on arrival it became a bit tricky. Basically my desk is small and these pots can be a little cumbersome especially when I had 5 in stacked so it became more about my desk feeling messy rather than the product itself - I like an organised desk! 

Anyway the pot vs desk scenario occurred for nearly two years until my lovely mother discovered a new thing - Quaker Oat So Simple Cuppa porridge. It turns out I had moaned about my breakfasts for a while and she had been on a mission to fix it to shut me up. MAJOR plus point is they come in a pack of 5 packets within a tall thin box which condenses the space it takes on my desk immensely. It also means I have to just take one box to work rather than 5 individual pots which inevitably end up all around my car on my journey to work.

I was a bit dubious on how the consistency would turn out plus the flavour but actually I prefer it to the pots. There never seems to be any large lumps and you can really manipulate it to how you want it so for me this is my current breakfast champion. The only downsides to it really are that it can be hard to find in supermarkets or at least I have found it hard to get sometimes! 

What's you quick and easy breakfast solution?


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