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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Build a Bear this Christmas!

I love giving gifts at Christmas especially to the younger members on my family. For me there is nothing better than giving a cuddly toy especially one I can put a heart in and see getting stuffed with fluff - weird I know! I've put together a couple of my favourites from Build a Bear Workshop that I think would be perfect for the kids this Christmas: 

From left to right:

1) Glisten (£21
I don't think there can be anything more Christmassy than a reindeer let alone one covered in glitter with light up antlers! This would look so cute under the tree and I'm sure make the children in your life smile well into the new year. 

2) Darth Vader Bear (£27)  
A Star Wars related item had to be on this list and I just couldn't resist Darth's little face. He's an official branded product with lots of great details included a little cape. You can even buy him a little lightsaber (£8) to complete the look or some of the other Star Wars bears they have such as a Storntrooper or Chewbacca.

3) My Little Pony Applejack (was £19 now £11)
My Little Pony is huge at the moment and little Applejack is so sweet. I've seen her with little rodeo accessories 

4) My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle (was 19 now £11)
According to the lady in my local Build a Bear Princess Twilight here is the top seller from the My Little Pony range. She's super cute with her horn and wings plus she has the most awesome hair colour so for me this is an easy pick this Christmas.  

5) Toothless (£19)
I LOOOOOVE the film 'How to Train your Dragon' so when I saw this I instantly had to have it. This little guy is sheer perfection and for any kid or grown up who loves the film like I do - just look at that face! 

6) Peppa Pig (£24
If you have a child in the family you will know why Peppa Pig is on the list... 

7) Promise Pets Husky (£19)
Finally for all the kids that ask for a puppy for Christmas! 

I have snapped up a few of this list for me and for my nieces so really do love them. I will be taking them back to Build a Bear after Christmas so they can pick outfits and accessories for their teddies as it's a great experience for them plus fun for me to do with them. These teddies are a great size, safe and durable so would be good for most age ranges - if you are unsure the website lists everything for you on each bear so I would head there and check it out if your curious. 

What bears would you pick this Christmas?


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