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Monday, 30 November 2015

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray - Oil Control


I first saw this black bottle of Skindinavia Makeup Setting Spray on the Cocktail Cosmetics website in September 2014 and at the time included it in a little beauty haul not thinking much of it. Initially I used it when I was going on a night out and had basically troweled on my makeup to make sure it stayed in place but being honest didn't see a difference in my end of the night makeup. Since then I have bought and used other sprays that Skindinavia produce to really test out the brand on different looks, over different time scales and on friends also - I like to be extremely thorough before I write off a brand. 

As I have rather oily skin in areas I decided in March this year to go back to the 'Oil Control' option as out of all of the sprays I tried it did keep me looking matte for longer. It claims to work for up to 16 hours or more but for me I would say it lasts around 6/7 which for a work day or night out is perfectly fine. I come to this timeframe conclusion since using one full bottle and being halfway through my second 8oz bottle, I told you I was thorough!  I spritz this all over my face after I have done my full face of makeup in the morning and for me it helps wake me up and the smell is rather pleasant so it's a win win. It also settles into my skin relatively quickly so doesn't slow down my morning routine but I'm still unsure to what extent it helps my skin/makeup staying power :/ 

Overall I do like this Scandinavia Setting Spray but it's not become a holy grail product like I thought it would. I do notice when I don't use it but it's nothing too dramatic....
The 8oz bottle of this is currently £28.95 on Cocktail Cosmetics so I think it's an ok price, mid range on the beauty scale of money so I will still use it until something better comes along.

Do you have any suggestions for an awesome setting spray?


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