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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

October on Instagram: Beckybeloved

My Instagram is somewhere I post personal things mostly but thought I'd share this with you guys to see if a post like this is of interest. This is some of October on my Insta @beckybeloved.... 

1) :( This cat perfectly summed up my position on life this weekend - meh!
2) Roxy is our office dog and  just love her - can't resist taking a quick snap!
3) I lost my mind a little near the end of October being so busy hence the odd faces. Oh and my new hair colour is pink!
4) I love the film Dracula and with it being Halloween I had to watch it again and picked next year's costume - the gorgeously divine Lucy!! 
5) New Nails - well it was about time....
6, 7 & 8) All these pics are from my time with Lisa Shepherd Salons at their fundraising event for Breast Cancer Awareness. !
9) Roxy dressed as Batdog for Halloween - melts my heart every time. 
10) Lion Babe - because her hair is my heaven.
11) A little pic from my trip to the new Resorts World in Birmingham. We went to the new cinema there and were impressed. 
12 & 13) Both of these were taken at the Benefit Boutique I went to in Birmingham - post on this to come soon :)
14) Neal's Yard Remedies: This month was a big time for new launchs and stores in Brum. I visited the new Neal's Yard Remedies in Grand Central and was treated to an educaion on the brand. 
15) A little visit to the new Oliver Bonas happened in October and of course I feel in love with these Fox slippers! 

I do enjoy using Instagram but probably should get into the habit more of posting regularly to make more of it. Let me know if you'd like to see maybe a monthly update and make sure to share your links with me too!


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