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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Holy Cow Girl - Nails

Holy Cow Girl
Had you noticed that there'd been no mention of nails on here for a while? For long term BbyB readers you will know that having my nails done is a selfish bit of me time I unashamedly love and often share here with you. But this time had long since passed...

This past weekend this had to change and I was in desperate need of that me time and my nails were vile. It had been faaaaar too long since I had my nails done so that when I walked by Mint in Birmingham I had to go in and see if they had any appointments free. It must have been my lucky day as I got a last minute cancellation slot and sat my butt on down. As I sat looking through the colours I was thinking something along the lines of OPI Ink or a deep red, you know my favourites, but something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention.... a green shade. Yes, you read that correctly, a green called 'Holy Cow Girl' by Gelish. Now normally I would never go near green and from what I understand it's not overly popular but this shade was screaming at me to give it a try. 

As I was in a fun mood I wanted a glitter/shimmer on my ring fingers so opted for 'Chain Reaction' which really pops next to the green and pulls the very subtle glitter from the green polish nicely. I've had them a couple of days now and really love the colours together so think green may be becoming one of my all time faves! 

So what do you think - would you give green nails a go?


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