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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Baking Fail: Stormtrooper Cookies

I was casually walking around Morrisons and saw these freaking awesome Stormtrooper cookies in a bag (£1.50). I used to do these kinds of cookies mixes lots as a child so thought it would be fun to give these ago - I was particularly looking forward to the decorating stage! I had this theory about myself which by doing these has been completely rattled - I cannot bake. I honestly thought I couldn't cook but could bake pretty well and doing this completely ruined the idea for me. 

Anyway here's a step by step of the disaster caused by me:

First of all I took the obligatory selfie with the awesome cookies and the got everything out of the bag....

Stormtrooper Cookies

So basically with any type of these products you end up putting the mixture from the pack into a bowl and adding a few extra bits. In this case it was add two tablespoons of water and some butter, mix together and voila you should get a somewhat ball like thing of cookie mixture.

Cookie Dough

According to the instructions at this stage you should get a nice consistency of not so sticky mixture that you can roll out and use the Stormtrooper cutter to cut out the cookies but alas for me this was the end. My mixture turned out to be waaaay to sticky and just made a huge mess :(

So here they are what remains of my attempt to bake Stormtrooper cookies - not a huge waste for £1.50 but still a disappointment...... hmmm maybe I'll give them another try!  

Can you bake? IF so maybe you can do these properly and show me! 


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