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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Resorts World Birmingham, Cineworld & The Martian

Resorts World in Birmingham finally opened this weekend so me and the fella decided to give it a visit. There's been lots of rumors about what was going to be there and I was very intrigued before hand as I know the NEC but couldn't picture where this new magical place would fit.

Resorts World

To get to it from the car park we were in was a nice 5 minute stroll by a lake and greenery. I hadn't really noticed the lake before so this is nice but I do hope they get lights put in soon as when we left it was a very dark walk back to the car and you know, didn't feel overly safe. Anyways onto the place itself...

On entering you are greeted with restaurants and huge white escalators. On each floor there are outlet stores and bars alongside a rather beautiful casino.  On our first visit we popped into all the shops and had a good nosey about and so the next day we decided to come back and visit the new Cineworld Cinema. 

The cinema itself is new so you expect it to be clean and the staff helpful which they were. They have a huge amount of films on show so you can pretty much walk in at any time and catch one. We opted for 'The Martian' which led to a lengthy debate on the quality of Matt Damon movies with the guy behind the drinks desk along with a talk on why we should have seen it in IMAX - we got a sneak peek of the bad boy IMAX room and we will be back to see something in it soon! We've also seen a monthly deal where you can see as many films as you want for a fixed price so we will be getting one of those to try out too. 

Overall the new Resorts World was good. There's still lots to be opened there so it will continue to grow and develop - I think Christmas there will be exciting. One thing I'm particularly looking forward to visiting is the ESPA Spa so expect a post on that soon!  


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