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Monday, 5 October 2015

Hair in Technicolour: New Hair, Don't Care...

I finally grew some balls and took the plunge into coloured hair. 

I have had red hair before which was about my brightest colour but haven't ventured really away from 'traditional' colours. I have longed to do a random colour for years but realistically in my jobs it's just not been possible so I've been one of those people who look at pastel hair on the internet but couldn't really go through with it.

The weekend was the point where the urge to do it took over and here's the process of how the lilac happened....

The Before:
So excuse my crazy before but I really can't take myself in a selfie seriously.. 
Blonde Before

Where I had my colour done was of course, Lisa Shepherd in Birmingham. I've been going here for a long time now to maintain my blonde so it was a no brainer for the lovely Lauren (my regular stylist) to take me to lilac. I had the appointment booked in for 8 weeks to get my blonde done and added the colour time about a week before - believe me due to the amount of hair I have they need advance notice! 

The During:
The first stage was putting some highlights throughout my hair to get it lighter again. My blonde hair always naturally pulled brassy so it really needed this before the big change. My hair in foils is so freaking heavy!!

The foils stage is the longest part as it takes poor Lauren a while to put them throughout my hair and then the waiting time on top of that. During this time as I can't see anything without my glasses I end up being nosy and listening to the conversations around me, hey you have to be able to pass the time!

After my hair had lightened enough I had an Olapex treatment on it - this is my second time with Olaplex on my hair and I have really seen a difference. They say it can work miracles and I actually am starting to believe it as my normally dry, damaged hair felt healthier. 

This was followed by some toning to pull any last brassy tones out of my hair and then came the purple.... *Giant forehead alert*

During the lilac stage

The location for this colour change was the Lisa Shepherd treatment room which is a little slice of heaven within the salon. The room itself is gorgeous and the chair you are on gives you a really intense back rub whilst your hair is being treated/coloured. This is ridiculously relaxing and probably because of this I forgot all sense of time so I have no idea how long the purple was on my hair!

After some blow drying and styling here's it is...

The Result: 

Lilac Result

I have to say I am over the moon with it! I love the way it has lots of different tones and for a first step into the pastel hair range isn't too bright. Saying this I'm already itching for my next purple fix when I will be having another purple gloss.

To end this post I want to say a big thank you Lauren (if you ever read this) who is now probably mid giving birth to her daughter - you are awesome and I can't wait to hear all about you new addition!!! You and the Lisa Shepherd Brum team are hilarious and always produce amazing results!! 

Here's to more colours!! 


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