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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Floral Fancies: Phone Case

As the rest of the world gets the new iPhone 6s I have only just joined the iPhone 6 crew and a new phone means new case!! I have in the past had an Otterbox, lots of cases from Skinnydip London, Etsy and Redbubble so this time ventured out to look for a new brand for something different for me and stumbled across Casetify

Casetify have hundreds of cases to choose from so I think I spent far too long searching for something I knew I would love for a long time. My heart was already set on roses which helped in the narrowing down of choices and then I found my one, added it to my basket (£23.26 with free shipping) and voila! All I had to do was wait... 


I was pretty impressed when the box arrived as I really love simple, clean packaging that expresses the brand message. The message of 'Shoot it. Place it. Case It.' and the supporting text is very clever and marketing savvy so I knew the product inside would have to be good quality so as not to ruin it. 

Upon opening the lid of the box I saw it, my beautiful rose covered case. The back itself is actually clear so you can see my gold iPhone back with overlaid roses in deep shades of red. I opted for the cover with a black bumper edge as I am forever dropping my phone and have some vein belief this will save it one day. I like this contrast of the black and red so would definitely pick this again for future cases. 

Red Roses Case

Casetify showcase designs by artist that are voted to the actual website by their 'Casetify Community' which is a pretty cool concept. My roses design case is by 'Heart of Hearts' Designs who do loads of floral designs - another favourite design of mine is Arabella which maybe one of my next purchases. These designs are printed on all types of things from phone cases, iPad cases all the way through the watch straps...yes you read it right, watch straps!! 

If you're looking for a new phone case I'd give Casetify a look as so far mine has been great and I have dropped my phone lots! Do you have any funky phone case suggestions? 

* NOT sponsored!! I just really love this case :)


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