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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Hair Care Favourite: Boots Coconut & Almond Leave-In Conditioner

Boots Coconut

 I'll hold my hands up here and say I'm fickle with hair products. If you've visited BbyB before you will have seen the huge rage of products I've used and the fact very few make my firm favourites. This baby though is very different....The Boots Ingredients 'Coconut & Almond Leave-In Conditioner for normal to dry hair' is my all time favourite high street hair product. Big claim I know but I have been using this since it was released and I always go back for more. It's easy to miss on the shelves at Boots as it's very basic in it's packaging but this nondescript bottle packs a huge punch. Here's why I love it:

1) Smell: The smell of this reminds me of holidays and sunshine. It's gorgeously coconutty when you first spray it in and throughout the day you catch small wiffs of it. I love that! 

2) Amount: I have a huge amount of thick, curly hair and even though I will use this everyday due to it's watery consistency it lasts AGES. I cannot stress to you how big of a tick on my wishlist this is as I always run out things waaaaay too fast! 

3) Result: I have found that this is a great pick me up for my dry, damaged hair. I tend to use this before I style my hair when it's a little damp or give my hair a finishing spritz before I leave the house. By doing this my hair just feels so much smoother and easier to style which is brilliant for me in the mornings.

4) Value for money: I think this is around the £2 point. I say I think as I can't find it online which has worried me a little bit as I always worry they will discontinue my faves :( A product that not only works but lasts a long time at this price for me is just perfection. It doesn't break the bank and delivers on quality - well done Boots you really do rock! 

You can grab this leave in conditioner from your local Boots - I'm stocking up next time I go just in case!! 


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