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Thursday, 13 August 2015

"Time Management" & Blogging

"You need to manage your time better."

"Why don't you try organizing your schedule more efficiently?"

"You need to learn to prioritize."


In life and work all of a sudden 'Time Management' becomes a huge thing. For the most part it is used in a negative context to basically say you aren't doing enough in the time you have whereas really what it means is 'we want you to do more in less time.' Things like writing to do lists etc can be fun but if you drill down into this it's wasted time in the world of super 'time management.' 

For me recently, as many of you noticed, I haven't been blogging that much or well really, at all. I'm grateful for those of you who have got in touch with me on social media and email to ask if I'm ok and when will I be back as it really does warm my heart. I had discussed this with friends of mine who mentioned prioritizing which led to a lengthy talk on times where time management becomes well, too time consuming. Sometimes time and the lack of enough of it is the real issue. 

For those of you who asked he's a little run down of where my heads been of late...

At this stage in my life I have so much going on which includes saving for a home, that realistically my passion of writing has gone to the way side. Right now my job is my number 1 priority because it pays my bills and will allow me to have the home I really want. I'm also lucky here as I actually really like my job (I know odd right?) but I'm busy basically from sunrise to sunset meaning I really have to make time to write. Balance this with wanting to spend quality time with my fiancee, family and actually sleep something had to give. 

What I have decided to do is make time for the little things in life I love that allow me time to 'breathe.' Hilariously this now involves me writing a to list which as a form of procrastination is up there as a favourite:

1) A good cup of tea 
- I like having a couple of minutes in the day to sit and drink a cuppa tea as it clears my mind. To some this may sound silly but I'm a tea addict and can't survive without it! 

2) Hardcore gym time
- As much as I hate to admit it I really enjoy the gym and it helps me work things out of my system. I need to do this more as the no time thing here has really stopped me getting to my gym. 

3) Full nights Sleep 
- Oh wouldn't one of these be nice! When I'm manic in the day I really struggle to switch off at night as my mind replays the day on loop. Here's to turning off my laptop and phone at 10pm and actually chilling out before I sleep....

3 simple steps to help clear my head during these manic times.... now I just have to see if I can do this!

But getting back to blogging I think will come later. It's not that I'm stepping away it may just become more sporadic for a while so please bear with me. I miss writing alot so this was nice to do so hopefully you'll be hearing from me soon!!


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