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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Switch to Mitchum

 We sweat - oh yes people it's time to admit it. I have no idea why these things are still such taboo buy hey, we are all human!
Over the past 6-8 of months,especially after the gym, I started to notice variations in my level of scent (trying to be as elegant as I can with this!) I have been trying out lots of deodorants as they were on offer as I am on a mission to find the best one for me when the really hot weather hits. This is actually harder than you would think as there are more ranges of deodorant out there with little added extras to grab your attention but for the most part they lack the 'power' I wanted. So, with my collection built I have been whittling the contenders away week by week - like the X Factor for deodorants.

I've decided not to list those brands from my little tests that didn't make the grade, as what may not work for me may be perfect for you - you will have to let me know yours!

For the last couple of months I found myself naturally going for my Mitchum Advanced Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant in Unscented that I picked up in the Boots 3for2 sale. I had started not to even notice any light sweat during the day at all and after the gym just very little smell overall. It was actually my mum that pointed it out as she had seen what I had been up to and had been 'borrowing' my deodorant. She's a long term Mitchum fan but she goes for scented sprays so the unscented was her experiment. I actually decided a couple of days ago to 'borrow' her Flower Fresh version and it's slowly convincing me that a perfumed deodorant can work for me. It may be time for me to expand my Mitchum range 

The deodorant itself contains aloe and vitamin E to sooth and condition skin so I'm in the process of now of seeing how my underarms are affected by this. I've never tried a roll on or deodorant stick so these really do intrigue me but I will admit I'm a little hesitant. Sad yes I know but for me finding that holy grail deodorant is a little mission that will only work out well for me! 

What's your favourite deodorant?
*NOT Sponsored - Just sharing my experiment* 


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