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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Fancy a Quickie?


Do you like the title pun? Just a bit of fun there for a Thursday :) 
This little packet is super cute but what it contains is actually a really handy product - Quickie's wipes! 

I got these 'Quickies'  Eye Makeup Remover Pads as part of a monthly subscription box called Pink Parcel and these were hands down the best item in there. As the packet is small in size it fits perfectly in my bag and takes up barely any room. You would also think with it being so small that you wouldn't get a lot of wipes but I think 30 is fab for such a handy sized product. 

They open via a plastic sticky tag on the front which is typical for wipes in this form. This sounds mad to note but the hole they come out of isn't too small. I don't know about you but I use wipes normally when I'm in a rush and it can be fiddly and annoying so these feel easier to access. 

Quickies Makeup Wipes

The actual wipes are very moist and have a distinct texture so that combined helps grab at the makeup left on your skin. I'm a little naughty and to like to take off my makeup whilst I'm stuck in traffic on the way home from work. I know, I know it's bad but I literally sit in 30-40 minutes of non moving traffic a day and hate it! I like to think of it as using my time effectively... to note, I don't ever do anything whilst actually moving in the car and I like to be super vigilant. 

Anyway, I find these brilliant at getting off the majority of my makeup which includes some seriously heavy duty eyeliner. I wouldn't say it gets 100% of makeup off but I don't think that's really the point of them. For me it gets the lions share off so when I get home I can use my Bioderma to get the rest. This is also good as I can spend more time on my cleansing routine without getting frustrated and occasionally bored.

Quickies Makeup Wipes

I've googled and found you can buy these and other versions of the 'Quickies' wipes for just £2.09 on Superdrug. Now that is a real beauty bargain! 

Do you use makeup wipes or are you on the 'anti wipes' train?

*NOT Sponsored - just like the product*


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