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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Hairy Jayne; Handmade Hair Care

Hairy Jayne

Just before Christmas I snapped up some products from Hairy Jayne Handmade Hair Care for two reasons that made them irresistible to me:

1) What an amazing name of a company!!
2) It is the brainchild of a hairdresser whose love of great hair surpasses my own.

I bet you're thinking why are you blogging about this now? Well I ran out of my last product about an hour ago so the mourning period has begin. *insert sad music here*

So what did I use...?
- Pre Shampoo Treatment Oil
- Treatment Conditioner
- Hair Perfume with Heat Protection
- Nourishing Shampoo

Pre Shampoo Treatment Oil
The Pre Shampoo Treatment Oil (£9.00) was my go to when I either wanted a real treat for my scalp or I had a really bad headache. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning as I'm wary about things near my sensitive scalp but actually I saw and felt a real improvement after including this in my hair care routine. When I used this the combination of the light scent and scalp massage was just sheer heaven and actually a real stress reliever. Loved this!!

Treatment Conditioner
Treatment Conditioner in Floral (£16.00
I used this mostly on the ends of hair as an intense treatment once a week. The Bergamont scent for me if what I adored the most as it sat in my hair and when I washed it out my normally dry bleached ends felt soft and luxurious. This, like all the other products is stuffed full of goodies like silk acids and wheat proteins so your really see an instant result. I did also use this a couple of times near the end over night for a deep treatment and I actually think the smell helped me drift off to sleep - strange but true!

Hair Perfume
Hair Perfume with Heat Protection in Floral (£22.00
This was actually the first product I ever saw from Hairy Jayne. I don't think I'm the only one that does this but I have been known to spray perfume in my hair for fun so seeing something called hair perfume immediately grabbed my attention. I opted for the Floral scent again and used this not only when my hair was wet before styling but also in the morning before work when I was using a hot tool on my hair. I think I may have become a little too obsessed with using this as it became twinned with my dry shampoo for my ultimate morning hair combo. Also this is in a glass bottle which we all know I adore because I can keep it and reuse it!

Nourishing Shampoo
Nourishing Shampoo (£14.00
Guess what? Yes I picked the Floral scent in this as well - I like what I like!
This was another great everyday shampoo that was lovely to use. Because it is sulphate free it does take a little more work but actually that's quite nice to have concentrated hair time as part of my shampoo, condition routine. The only downside to all of these products is size as I need huge sizes to last a long time, especially of this baby. I was super scrimpy with these to make them last thing long but I would have enjoyed knowing I didn't have to do this - I like things big ok! 

I really have loved using these bits from the Hairy Jayne range. The products are just awesome and because they are handmade with natural ingredients and packed full of goodness I really felt like they were special. It's everything from the scent to the pretty packaging that makes this feel like a really unique, personal brand that I can only seeing growing and growing! For me I've seen a real improvement in my hair quality which I do put down in part to these beauties and it's made me want to stick to handmade products in the future when I can. 

I can't believe I have now got nothing left! Right, now the countdown until payday begins so I can grab some more!

Have you ever tried Hair Jayne products?

*NOT sponsored, purchased all these beauties myself!*


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