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Friday, 26 June 2015

Zero Gravity - upping the phone case game!

When you have a mobile your life inevitably becomes a little too wrapped up in it, my IPhone 5S may as well be surgically attached to me. I know, I know it's a bad thing but hey it's the truth and for me my phone is part of my fashion game.

I love phone cases. I pretty much own more of them that I do shoes because I love it so much. I've had fluffy ones, mirrored cases, arty ones, branded ones, far too many otterboxes and the list goes on. So when I came across Zero Gravity my heart stopped. Just look at them....... 

Zero Gravity Phone Cases
From Left to Right:

The designs are fun but also modern and some are quite dramatic. I think they have something that would suit pretty much anyone's style and I just couldn't resist. I have just ordered Frenchie to feed my French Bulldog obsession in the 'bumper' style, you know, for protection....:
Frenchie Phone Case

Can you see why I just fell in love with this?!? How super cute is that frenchie's little face and I love the pink and blue pattern in the background. 

So this post is up before I've actually got the case in my hands and on my phone so I can't comment on the product quality but I've heard good things and my expectations are high. Zero Gravity are based LA so if like me you're in the UK there's a shipping charge but at $8 it's not that ridiculous - let's be real here, we've all paid more than that.  

Also just to say: this isn't a sponsored post, I bought this case with my own money because it is GORGEOUS and I'm sharing it because I think this brand is awesome!

What's case would you choose? 


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