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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Nail Review: Colour Stay by Revlon

Colour Stay Gel Envy

What happened to you? That was me about three days ago. 
I hadn't worn nail polish or even moisturised my hands in far too long and actually it got me a little down. In part it was due to forgetfulness and also as I am really saving hard for me and my fella's future that I really couldn't justify spending over £25 on having my nails done. It actually got to the point recently where I was in Boots looking for other things and kept coming back to the nail polish section.

I stood there for what felt like an age just picking up colours and moping around I came across the Colourstay Gel Envy range by Revlon. I knew if I was going to back down and buy any nail polish it would have to last and Colour Stay seemed to project this in the title.

Gel Envy

I chose Winning Streak which is a gorgeous girly lilac as I wanted a cheery colour - sounds mad but colours in clothes, nails, walls etc really does effect me and I wanted something pretty. I also grabbed the Diamond Top Coat as I guessed with this being a gel formula it would probably be the best to use with the polish.

The application was very easy and within two coats I had the colour density I wanted and one coat of the Diamond Top Coat made them very shiny. But what surprised me most is that they took less than 15 minutes to completely dried out. Normally I ended up touching something or ruining my newly painted nails pretty much instantly so these were a real revelation. 
Nail Polish - Gel Envy
So far at three days in these nails are still pretty much perfect. I did get my thumb caught in a door (mega ouch) which chipped it but that was an easy fix. As a gel nail addict I'm starting to see why they call it gel envy........

What do you guys think of the colour?


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