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Thursday, 4 June 2015

My Top 5 TV Dads

I'm a huge TV buff and over the years I've watched so much variety that in my own head I've become a little TV crazy. So when the opportunity came up to write about TV dads in the run up to fathers day I jumped at it as it gave me the chance to go and watch some old favourite shows.

So with fathers day coming up fast I thought this would be a fun post to list my Top 5 TV Dads and why I like them soo much! 

Dexter Morgan

1. The Tough Dad
Dexter Morgan

Every dad has a tough, mean streak to them but Dexter Morgan was the extreme to this. When he was away from his adorable little boy he was the murderer we all know but in the scenes with his son he was calm, happy and very vigilant. I really loved the fact that he was very nervous around his son at first and just went with it like I think most dads actually do. I was once told that fathers fall in love with their children after they are born and I think Dexter as a dad highlighted this perfectly. Petrified of being a dad while Rita was pregnant and then the devoted, loving father when he was born.

2. The Comedy Dad: 
Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor, Home Improvement 

I grew up watching Home Improvement and was always obsessed with the way Tim was both the cool and uncool dad in perfect harmony. He was an egotistical TV presenter with a huge heart and love for his family that was shown through comedy and the occasional moral story line. There was never a dull moment when Tim was on the telly and in a very odd way when I was a young kid I felt part of their family as the children grew up alongside me.

Paul Hennessy

3. The Dad I miss
Paul Hennessy, 8 Simple Rules 

This TV dad broke my heart as a teenager. I adored and admired the Hennessy's as a family unit as it many ways it was similar to my own and then, in what felt like a heartbeat, Paul the dad was just gone...
In 2003 the actor who played Paul (John Ritter) died in real life and left a huge hole in the show. The title 8 Simple Rules was shortened from '8 Simple Rules... for Dating my Teenage Daughter' as it was based on a over protective father watching his children grow into adolescence. I saw in Paul parts of my own dad trying to steer me in the right direction growing up. The show highlighted to the audience why your dad may act in a certain way or do certain things and for me taught me to know it was from a loving place. So actually I owe alot to what was meant to be a silly, comedy show for teenagers and to it's brilliant dad.

John Winchester

4. The Superhot Dad
John Winchester, Supernatural

Well this one is for obvious reasons. Not only is/was (dependent on where you are in the world of Supernatural) an ass kicking, kind, tough, rough dad but he is also majorly hot with a sexy smile. If there was ever a dad to drool over John Winchester is that dad. 

Marty Crane

5. The 'Real' Dad
Marty Crane, Frasier

Marty Crane to me embodies what every dad becomes. He is the dad that is literally always there but also gives his two sons space to live their own lives. Frasier as a TV show cleverly portrayed when parents get older the change in the parent child dynamic and how new bonds are forged. I always liked Marty but as I've grown older my respect for the characters wisdom and zest for life has really impressed me. 
My Top 5 TV dads in all their variety, have a couple of things in common; they truly loved their children, would do anything to protect them and at times were so brutally honest with them that it was  hard to watch. I love this aspect of TV as it really can represent the full spectrum of dad personalities without loosing the love that all dads give.

Big love to my real life Dad who watched all these shows with me and has been my rock throughout my life :)

Whose your favourite TV dad? You can write about yours and enter a competition here.
*All images taken from each TV shows official sites - competition post to Currys*


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