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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Vaseline: Disgust on the high street!


I love beauty shopping, in fact my fiancé thinks it's a serious addiction that I need help with. The reason I tell you this is to explain why this little rant is so important to me and the horror behind it.

You see that little gorgeous pot of vintage branded Vaseline in the picture? Do you see how cute is? I did and immediately whilst standing the queue waiting to pay for some other items I knew I had to have it. It was alone, sitting there in a Vaseline branded display case, luring me in, baiting me to buy it. I of course bought it, wandered home and for around two days left it in the bag with the other items. This is unusual for me but sometimes life gets in the way and comes before using all the new beauty things I've snapped up.

So on the second evening after purchasing it I had taken all my makeup off, had a face mask on and thought 'ooo my lips are a little dry.' I then thought of that little cute tin of Vaseline and went to find it to smother my lips in it. To my absolute horror this is what I saw when I opened it.....

Can you see the dip and grubby little finger marks?!? *Vom*
I cannot explain the absolute disgust I felt knowing someone had used this and then put it back for some unsuspecting person (in this case me) to buy. My response in the seconds following this discovery included a hell of a lot of expletives and retching - I am a hygiene freak I could not even contemplate the thought of it. 

I put my disgust regarding this situation on twitter (as you do) laying no blame at anyone's door other than the vile creature that did this to my pot of Vaseline. Vaseline to my surprise responded and asked me to call them, I did and was surprised by their reaction. I explained the situation in full and that I in no way blamed Vaseline but rather the person who must have done this. They were lovely and took this on board (I don't really know what they can do about this) and actually offered me vouchers to apologise! How lovely and way beyond normal customer service and decency is that?!? Big love to Vaseline on this.

This rant is in no way aimed at Vaseline or has anything to do with them really. This rant is aimed at those people in shops at the cosmetic counters using the makeup/skincare on display - now I'm not talking about the actual testers but to those who open a new product and then put it back. For years now I have seen stores putting Sellotape around products in an attempt to stop this but it is to no avail. How desperate and vile are you to have to peel off the Sellotape in order to use a product? You people are scum and the reason I can never buy eyeliner in a high street beauty store again! 

As you can tell this really does rile me up to a point of rage and I know I cannot be the only person who feels this way. Testers are for testing people. Keep your grubby paws of new packaged products and actually buy them rather than basically steal! Also don't event get me started on those girls I've seen do a full face of makeup in store just with the products on display and buy nothing......

Not sorry for ranting - don't you just hate things like this?


Beauty Bundle said...

That is disgusting! Can't imagine why anyone would do that! Vaseline isn't exactly expensive, if they wanted to use it just buy it! Not exactly the same but last year I bought my dad a Nivea gift set for Christmas and had bought it a few weeks before Christmas, I went to wrap it on Christmas eve and thought it felt a bit light...it was full of empty boxes!! Someone had opened it, stole the products and put it back on the shelf! That was really nice of them to give you vouchers though!

Jackie | beautybundleblog.co.uk

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