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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Superdrug Health & Wellbeing

For me health and fitness are a huge priority and since I started my Gym Bunny posts I have found my body really tells me when I'm not keeping up with my health and well-being. I'm always on the hunt for helpful things to assist me in keeping healthy such as foods, accessories and equipment so when I was offered a health & well-being Superdrug hamper* of course I jumped at the chance! 

My first thought was Superdrug does health ranges? Now I'm not silly, I knew they had a small health section that includes vitamins etc but I had no idea how extensive their heath range actually is. I'm not just talking about in store either as the online range is just ridiculous and most are exclusive to them. I did some serious internet shop trawling before I got the hamper so was seriously excited to see what would come..

The Snacks: 
Superdrug Snacks
Superdrug Snacks
Superdrug Snacks

What came were quite the range of healthy snacks and meals to really kick start a healthy body plan. I've never really tried meal replacement bars so these are a real step into the unknown for me which I find really intriguing. The item that isn't here in a single picture is the Detox smoothie as that was the first thing to be tried so a review will follow!

The Skincare:

What came for skincare really surprised me - a food supplement that claims to help the skin. I've seen these before as a friend of mine swears by them and I've read up on the ingredients in detail so feel like they probably will help boost the overall look of my skin. This is the long term trial so don't expect an update for a while!

The Pamper:

Of course looking after your body, especially your feet if you are a gym bunny is super important. Not only can you get all kinds of nasties but also overall you want your feet to remain healthy and looking pretty (as pretty as feet can be!) The scrubs are a really quick and easy way of doing this with the Pedicure Set being something I'd use on a little pamper evening. 

Sexual Health:
The Millionaire

I was a little surprised when I opened the hamper and saw 'The Millionaire' but for me I agree that sexual health and well-being is very important to all us humans so actually was pretty impressed. I'd never seen or heard of this little guy before and considering I worked as a vibe expert as Ann Summers for 4 years that is unusual....

As you can see it's quite the varied range of products but the reality is there are thousands more to suit every price point in the online store. I'm going to be trying these out and review them later on to see how they work so stay tuned!

*Not sponsored but yes as stated I was sent the hamper - upcoming reviews will note this and be honest!!*


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