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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Half and Half hair

I have started to see the half and half hair trend everywhere recently and it immediately sparked a memory of seeing Kesha with this at some form of event. I loved it then but never had the balls to actually try it myself! What it sparked in me was the urge to try pastel hair which I'm blonding my hair up to.

I've seen it referred to of late as the 'Cruella de Vil' look but I actually prefer it with the paler tones or just something really wacky. What do you think of it? I have decided it's the best and fastest way to try all the hair colours you've ever dreamed of - simple right?!?

Here's some other examples I've found that I really loved. I haven't tagged the ladies as I couldn't find them but if you know them please leave it in the comments :)

Would you try this look? If you have send me your pictures because I'm obsessed! 


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