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Friday, 1 May 2015

Haircare: Bumble and Bumble Repair and Tonic

Bumble and Bumble

BB Tonic Lotion

Meet what I believe to be my 6th bottle of Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion (250ml £17.00) because you know.... I love it! I discovered it following a trip to a hair salon years ago and it's been with me ever since. 

Smell - This smell is fresh and intense. It contains herbs, vitamins and Tea Tree Oil and it's the Tea Tree Oil that dominates in the smell department but it's not unpleasant but rather cleansing. 
Consistency - Identical to water so when you spray it it's a fine but wide spray. I like this because it feels like there's no extra weight in my hair and that it's getting an extra moisture shot.
Use- I use it on my clean, damp hair an just spray my entire head whilst brushing it through. I know you can use it in the days following washing your hair to reactivate any products but I haven't used it much for that so can't comment.
Result - I find it a miracle worker when I'm brushing my damp hair. As I have bleached, coarse, curl hair it can be a laborious task to even get a brush through it but with this I find it's alot easier and less stressful. 

BB Repair Blow Dry

This was my first venture with a blow dry product so I thought I'd give this one ago (150ml £23). I'll be honest and say because I have such huge hair blow drying it straight is a very rare occurrence so this part is based on those times + when I use it for other things. 

Smell - This does have a light smell but it's more of your standard conditioner than anything else so it's not offensive and doesn't hang around.
Consistency - A thick, slick liquid that feels part gel part conditioner in consistency. I found all I needed was a small amount and it's spreads out quite quickly. 
Use- As I said I use this sometimes pre-blow drying my hair but mostly I run it through clean, damp hair from the mid length to the ends. 
Result - When I have blow dried my hair it seems to have helped my split ends but the real result is when I use it on my damp curls and let it air dry. I find my ends look healthier and my hair just feels better - win win!

These two beauties are more of the Bumble and Bumble products that are part of my hair care collection. I've used many of the range before with Curl Conscious styling creme being a long time love - next on the list to try is the Invisible Oil heat/UV Protective Primer. If you've tried any of the products and would recommend them let me know :)


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