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Monday, 25 May 2015

An Interview with....Supreme Showgirls

Do you have an inner showgirl? 
Are you obsessed with fitness, fun and want to dance? If the answer is yes you need to meet Lizzie of Supreme showgirls who is the ultimate showgirl inspiration. I've known Lizzie for a couple of years now (we originally bonded over boobs and YouTube) and I'm so pleased to her her hard work and passion really pay off. I've always had a love of burlesque and showgirl dance and I know a lot of you guys do too so I thought I'd share Supreme Showgirls with you.

Say hello To Lizzie who owns and runs Supreme Showgirls....

Hi I’m Lizzie, I’m 24 years of age and I run a professional Las Vegas Showgirl dancing company called Supreme Showgirls. I’m also a keen beauty addict and YouTube obsessive!
(Yes she's that bombshell in the martini glass :) )

When did your passion for dance start?

I’ve been dancing ever since the age of 5 when I got spotted at a local talent competition we had at my primary school. The minute my mum took me to my first ballet class, I was absolutely hooked and I guess you could say my passion started from then!

Do you have a dance hero? If so, who is it?

My ultimate dance hero would have to be the super talented choreographer Brian Friedman. Ever since I laid eyes on his choreography Britney Spears music videos (and countless other pop stars), I was completely and utterly inspired. The thing I love about Brian is that he encourages you to always follow your dream to be a professional dancer, no matter your size, ability, flexibility etc – if you want something badly enough you will achieve it and he is living proof of that! Anyone reading this blog, I recommend you subscribe to his YouTube channel, his videos are guaranteed to WOW you!

What inspired you to set up Supreme Showgirls?
When I was around the age of 18, a local showgirl company approached our dance school looking for dancers to join them. I was fortunate enough to be one of the girls chosen to dance for them and with this particular company I travelled all across England, performing at the most stunning corporate events, parties, weddings etc. I loved the glamour of it all, the beautiful feathers, the stunning venues we got to perform in and of course the show stopping showgirl make up. With this in mind, I had the idea to set up my own company as I loved it so much and I remember thinking to myself on the way back from a booking, this is what I would like to do for the rest of my life! (even when I’m old and grey!)

What has been your best showgirl experience so far?
One of my best showgirl experiences would have to be the television booking we did last October where we got to feature on Come Dine With Me. The host for the evening contacted me as he had been chosen to be one of the contestants on come dine with me and planned to host a Las Vegas themed evening, as he was a huge Barry Manilow fan (fanilow). The whole process for me was so much fun as I had to choreograph  a routine to copacobana and it was really exciting to know that within  a couple of months we would be watching ourselves back dancing on television! The host for the night David De Niese, was also hilarious – unfortunately he mixed up the food and gave the vegetarian a meat dish – we laughed non stop the whole night!

What plans do you have for Supreme Showgirls in 2015?
My plans for Supreme Showgirls are to expand as much as I possibly can. I have recently opened up a Supreme Showgirls training academy whereby I provide showgirl classes for girls hoping to pursue a career as a professional showgirl dancer and for those who have never danced before and want to try something new and exciting to keep fit. This has opened up many avenues for me, including the addition of Hen Parties, Showgirl workshops for schools, Showgirl Make up masterclasses and much more. In the future I hope to eventually open up a showgirl make up line, so keep your eyes peeled….

What advice would you give for fellow young entrepreneurs just starting out?
The advice I would give for young entrepreneurs is to never ever give up. When you first start up, you will encounter many set backs. I remember the first year of setting up being hell for me as I had so many obstacles to get over and there were so many people that were wanting me to fail! At the time, it would have been very easy for me to have given it all in but the one thing that I have always been is determined to succeed. Determination  I think, is the key to success. Always have in the back of your mind your vision and never let it leave you!

What inspired you to start the showgirl classes?
The reason for starting up the showgirl classes was because lots of my friends, friends mums etc were turning around to me and saying your showgirl company looks so exciting, I would love to be involved in something like that. This got me thinking, why don’t I get them involved through setting up my very own showgirl classes and off it went from there! The classes are great fun as I include opportunities for the ladies to wear the showgirl feathers and the chance to perform  in front of an audience!

What can attendees expect in the class?
The attendees can expect a lot of fun, some of the ladies say it’s the best workout they have had as they have never laughed so much! I start the class with a fun warm up, followed by some stretching exercises. If your looking at improving your flexibility, this class would be perfect for you as the one thing showgirls are known for are their long supple legs! I also teach my pupils how to perfect the showgirl walks from the corner, kicks and then we learn a fun routine at the end – and throw in a couple of feather boas!

How can people get involved?
If anyone would like to attend – e-mail me on lizzie@supremeshowgirls.com and I will add you to our private Facebook group where you can see all of our routines and what we get up to on a weekly basis!

And for our beauty lovers…..
What is your favourite lipstick colour? 
This is a hard one for me, however my go to lip colour at the moment is Velvet teddy by Mac – slightly obsessed with Kylie Jenners lips!

What brand of beauty could you not survive without? 
This is easy for me, without a doubt Urban Decay. Their eyeshadows are amazing, I have all 3 of the naked palettes and they provide the best showgirl make up around!

Best tips for creating a showgirl look?
Best tips  would be – Strong base – we are always tanned for bookings so you need a tanned base with plenty of contour. For the eyes, no showgirl is complete without plenty of glitter – we use urban decays metal glitter eyeliner to achieve this – smoking out the look with a darker eyeshadow to contrast. Fake lashes are also essential for this look. Finally, we complete with plenty of red lipstick!

Favourite fitness tips?
The best fitness tip I could give is to make sure that you make it fun. That’s why my showgirl classes are a success as they are fun and you actually don’t realise it’s a fitness workout at all!

Big thank you to Lizzie for taking part in this interview. If you are looking for a new way to stay fit but also have fun make sure to get in touch with Lizzie and Supreme Showgirls. I'm going to try and tempt Lizzie into some Showgirl Makeup posts so stay tuned and have a great Monday....


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