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Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Neon Boneyard: Las Vegas

I recently visited Vegas and one of my ever lasting memories (other than the obvious) was our visit to The Neon Boneyard. I love typography, neon and history so this place to me was an overload to the senses and was a real pleasure to visit. You go on a tour around all the signs and learn about the history of Vegas itself - all the funds raised by these tours go to running the boneyard and maintaining the signs so you really are giving back to Vegas during your visit.

If you're heading to Vegas I would highly recommend a visit here. It's just up from the Fremont Street Experience so is easy to get to day or night. We went in the daytime but I've seen pictures of it at night and it just looks sooo beautiful! One thing I would say is we went in the early afternoon and as there is no shade it was very hot - I would recommend lots of water, a hat and sunscreen to avoid looking like a lobster when you leave! 


This really was a great day out in Vegas so if you do go make sure to put this on your itinerary. Also just for me, if you go at night take lots of photos and share them with me :)


Becky Burden said...

im definitely doing this on my next trip in nov ...ifi go in the night i'll let you know! http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/24-reasons-to-go-back-to-las-vegas.html

Becky Burden said...

Argh, I missed out on the Neon Boneyard BOTH times I went to Vegas! The first time it was closed, and the second time I was too busy getting married and other such time-consuming stuff ;) It looks absolutely incredible, and your photos are great. I'm definitely aiming for third time lucky with this place!

Jess | http://www.glitterbat.net

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