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Monday, 20 April 2015

Skincare: St. Kitts Herbery

ST Kitts Herbery

When I find a natural skincare brand I am like a Jackdaw with a shiny penny - I have to have it and try it asap. So when I read about ST. Kitts Herbery and the active natural botanical ingredients they use, they went straight onto my 'Must Have' list and on their way to me. What I decided to try were the Facial Wash* (£7.95) and Facial Cream* (£12.95) as I think these skincare staples in any brand can really show you what they are made of.

ST Kitts Herbery

Facial Wash
I haven't used a 'proper' facial wash in years as I have been pretty content with cleansing balms and not much else, but this product intrigued me. As it is natural I didn't expect it to foam up at all but to my surprise with only a small amount I got a lot of sweet, Frankincense smelling foam. I use it after I have removed my eye makeup with some Bioderma by massaging it onto wet skin in small circular motions which removes all the last bits of makeup and grime. 
I rather enjoy a facial massage when I have time so this was a real joy - I really focused around my nose as I have lots of broken capillaries (damn English colds!) as this product said it could help treat these and increase cell activity. I will give my overall view at the end of the post on this so keep reading....

Facial Cream
The Facial Cream for me took a little time to get used to. I like the smell and the consistency but I think I was using far too much initially so it took a longtime to really sink into my skin. It took me a few tries to get the right amount but once I did it was a pleasure to use. I took it with me to Vegas recently and used it as a pick me up for when my skin felt especially dry/aggravated by the intense sun. I found it brilliant to use before bed as I woke up with soft, glowing skin which was great for those early morning holiday pics!  

Overall thoughts
I really wanted to use and abuse these products before I reviewed them. It's now been nearly four months and I've come to the end of my facial cream and near the end of my facial wash bottle. The first thing you can take from that is I really enjoyed using them (why else would I finish them?) and the second is that I now need more! The one big claim these products make is to help improve the appearance of broken capillaries - over these past months I haven't noticed mine so much so I think it must be working to at least make them less visible but I'm looking forward to seeing how I go in another 4 months. 

The packaging itself is clean and simple so wouldn't seem out of place is any bathroom which I think is great for the modern traveller. I like them as they look very unisex and have a hygienic pump (and you know that's always a plus!) so feel they also would make great gifts for anyone looking to try an all natural British brand. For me they are an all round great brand with great products - admittedly I have shown them to some friends who have been a little wary of 'smaller brand' lines but once they smelled them it didn't take much coaxing to try.

Next up on my ST. Kitts Herbery Shopping list:
- More Facial Cream
- Chocolate Bunnies (oh yes they do food too!)
- Geranium Perfume 
& The Rosemary and Bergamot Salt Scrub

Do you use natural skincare products? What are your favourites?


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