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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Say Hello to 'Styled by Charlie'

Meeting and discussing various passions with fellow bloggers is truly one of the best parts of blogging. Through my 'Hello' series I want to introduce you to bloggers, writers and all sorts of creative lovelies you may have seen before or who are completely new to you - either way I love them and I think you will too! I call this spreading the love :) so let's say hello....

First up is a long time fashion favourite blogger of mine - Charlie Pallett......

Say hello!
I'm Charlie from Styled by Charlie.
I'm 20 for the Midlands.
Well actually, I'm from the smallest county in England, Rutland. 
It's in the countryside, and I don't even have a bus service or a shop in my village. 
I'm obsessed with fashion, photography, beauty, interiors, design and baking.
I'm a massive creative, a huge chatterbox and loud, very loud. 

When did your passion for fashion and photography start?
I've always loved expressing my style.
I remember going through many different styles and looks as a child.
From gothic to punk to buying everything and anything vintage to my style now when I like to find the harmony between different styles, eras and express my style in a unique but fluid way. Mixing patterns, textures and creating a unique style but introducing new and old fashion styles with each other but focusing on the balance between fashion and comfort.

My love for photography really blossomed when I was on holiday to the Maldives when I was 14, and for my 14th birthday my parents bought me a new digital camera.
I was obsessed with taking pictures of everything and anything and to be in such a picturesque place as the Maldives, it was perfect for me to experiment.
What really kick started the love though was the DSLR my family friend had with her while we were in the Maldives, and it was love at first sight!
Once home I started saving for my first DSLR as I was determined to start this new hobby and see where it could take me.
I was so lucky to come home from work one day to find a DSLR on the kitchen sideboard that my Dad had bought me, and the passion began straight away I was always somewhere taking new pictures, experimenting with new lenses and filters, and then I found my love for Photoshop and began experimenting with editing too, and now the loves very much still there, and I'm lucky enough to have photography as a part time job now too.

Who are your style inspirations?
My style inspirations have to be a mixture between old and new.
I've always loved Vivienne Westwood she's a huge icon of mine.
However I think my style is very much a mixture of fashion trends rather than a certain person who inspires me.
I love Kim Kardashian's style and if I had her body, I'd steal her wardrobe.
However, for me my style inspiration is more of a 'what inspires me' and its Bargain Hunting. 
What I can find for a fraction of the price. Be it new, used or vintage. I like to build my wardrobe up of amazing pieces I've hunting for a bargain price. 
My motto is: Don't pay full price for anything. Shop around. 

Why did you start blogging? What’s your proudest blogging achievement so far?
My biggest blogging achievement so far is a very recent one actually.
I recently plucked up the courage to write a blog post about my journey with depression, anxiety and my Bipolar Disorder, the response was incredible.

For me I just thought that when I was going through the tough times, maybe if I had something to read from someone who’d been through it may have helped me.
I just wanted one person, somewhere out there to find it beneficial to their journey and help them.
So, so, so many people read the post but so many also took the time to message me, tweet me, email me.. So many people contact me thanking me for being brave an opening up.
Some had anxiety, some depression, some just having a tough time and it made them feel better knowing they were not alone. Some had never had depression or anxiety but took inspiration from the post and were grateful for the knowledge it gave them about anxiety, depression and bipolar.
That post was a really huge achievement for me to just talk about, the fact it helped so many people is really special to me, and I think that will probably my most proud blogging achievement for a really, really long time.

What plans do you have for you and your blog in 2015?
Styled by Charlie in 2015 will be busy, and full of content!
I’m planning to write more varied posts featuring a lot of my hobbies and inspirations.
A lot more baking post and recipes, more beauty reviews and monthly favourites, every month – no slacking.

If you could spend ridiculous amounts of money on one staple item for your wardrobe what would it be?
A Classic Chanel 2.55.
No questions.
The dream.

If you had to pick a fashion era to wear every day which would you choose?
It was have to be a slit between 50’s Fashion & Hair in the day meets 80’s Grunge Fashion (think Madonna, Blondie & Vivienne Westwood) and 80s Hair at night.

How do you keep your creativity flowing?
I really channel my thoughts creatively and try and use positivity and negativity in my life in positive ways to encourage my creativity and make good things out of it, instead of letting it get me down.
I’m social media obsessed to, so my creative juices are always being inspired to flow by constant inspirations on social media.

What are your tips for fashion bloggers starting out?
Stick at it.
I know so many bloggers who started out and within a month or so they've given up.
It’s hard at the start, when you’re getting a few views a week to stay motivated.
But stick at it, and remember if you don’t promote it, no one will see it!
Use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to your advantage, they’re the only free advertising out there!

What’s your favourite Instagram pic? (from your Instagram) 
As much as I’d love to be able to think of one.
I’m so Instagram obsessed I just can’t.
I only post my favourite pictures on Instagram so I couldn’t choose..

And for our beauty lovers…..
What is your favourite lipstick colour?
A Classic Red.
My favourite Red Lipstick has to be Russian Red by MAC.
I adore the Matte Dark Red and it’s just so flattering and brightens up any outfit and makeup look.

What brand of beauty could you not survive without?
I couldn’t live without MAC.
Mainly for their Lipsticks.
I’ve yet to find a favourite lipstick from another brand.

Favourite fashion brand?
Like I mentioned before, I’m a huge bargain hunter and love getting something for nothing and buying things that look more than they cost.
So I’d have to say it’s a toss up between Zara and Primark.
Zara for their designer dupes and amazing sales and Primark for their amazing value for money and great variety.

I love Charlie's blog because its fun, fashionable and has a real style to not only her personal look but also the blog itself. Real thought and structure has gone into the aesthetics of everything she does which I really appreciate + I am MAJORLY addicted to her gorgeous Instagram so I would highly recommend following! 

Make sure to check out Charlie through her social links and say Hello!

Styled By Charlie


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