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Monday, 27 April 2015

Protein World - The Hate Debate

Recently I have seen the Protein World campaign posters and celebrity campaign all over social media and the news in mostly a negative backlash - why you may ask? 

The campaign itself has caused this outrage because it looks like this..... 
Protein World

The Campaign....
The campaign billboard depicts a woman (Renee Somerfield) in her bikini, the products and the question 'Are you beach body ready?' Honestly I believe it is more the question that has lit the spark of anger but for me I don't feel the same because....Guess what? It was there to cause this exact reaction. What you actually call this is brilliant marketing - hate it or not it has got thousands of people taking note of the brand and taking to social media to voice their opinions which in turn does what? PROMOTES THE BRAND.
The negativity about this frustrates me a little because it seems some (I say some because I mean NOT ALL) of the people kicking up a fuss about this don't seem to have the same issue with Victoria's Secret lingerie campaigns or any underwear campaigns for that matter - my point here is if you are going to go after them for body shaming then go after the advertising standards as a whole and not one company who are intentionally provoking you. Also body shaming goes for all body types here, Renee is beautiful and doesn't really deserve and of the negative comments that she is getting currently!

The Twitter Factor...
The Twitter natter from Protein World to me is just pheonomonel - now I don't necessarily agree with all they say I raise my hands into the air and say finally - a brand that uses it's balls and sticks to what it believes! For years I have seen brands put things out there and retract them the second a negative look gets thrown there way so for me this is a brand with punch. You have to appreciate this 'stay true to you' attitude in marketing as it is rarely seen nowadays. 

Twitter Backlash

Again I note that the above may seem offensive to you but it is their brand philosophy, rightly or wrongly it is. As you can see below this philosophy not only wins them hundreds of thousands of customers but also fans to counteract all the negativity. So whatever side of the 'how they handled this on Twitter' wave you are on just remember it's all part of the brand persona and if you don't want to see it just unfollow and don't buy their products. 

The Celeb Factor...
1) Firstly Renee Somerfield has come out with comments today that she is now being body shamed and it's a fact - she is. This is the part of all this that grates at me as she is a paid fitness model and not someone to be cruel to just because she accepted a huge modelling campaign. It is her job to be fit and healthy - now you may look at it and for whatever reason think she isn't a realistic view on the modern woman but in the fitness world she is something to aim for not to be vilified. To clarify for those who I am sure will misinterpret my comment yes I said her body is something to aim for NOT to carbon copy. I see her and think I'd like to be as fit and healthy as I can be not that it's a personal attack on me because advertising is all about interpretation and I interpret Renee and her body as awesome!

Sam and Luisa

2) Personally I love the Sam Faiers and Luisa Zissman images that have been released as to me they are strong women who have worked hard for their bodies and have a life alongside it. I have met many women over the years who become so consumed in working out and diets that they forget to enjoy the results and take a break! Plus both women are independent, smart business women so for me are great role models for young women. The images do depict the healthy, strong aspect that many people feel the bill board campaign does not and because they don't appear with the question (Are you beach body ready?) they won't get the same reaction. 

Protein World Bikini

The Petition....
I do get that 43,000 people signing a petition to get the campaign posters removed is quite the large number but once again I say this 'IT'S EVEN MORE BRAND PROMOTION!!' IF you are genuinely upset by this and not bandwagoning fair enough but I could bet money now that thousands of those signatures are from those blinded by social media opinion enough to not think for themselves. If you actually wanted to kill the campaign you would just ignore it and watch it fade into insignificance as hundreds of others do each day. What you are actually doing is giving Protein World free promotion, further customers and a hell of huge ego boost to know that they are playing on your mind.
My opinion..
Overall I'm not fussed about the bill board campaign either way and I suspect it's because I didn't feel threatened or that it was aimed straight at me. I see it is a successful marketing ploy by a brand who use brain and brawn in equal measure.
I write about being a gym bunny and what I do to keep fit often but I am not 100% body confident (no one I have ever met is!) so will use things like protein supplements to assist as thousands of others do. Your own fitness is your own choice and for me it keeps me happy, balanced and wanting to be my best. 
Protein World are a revelation for me and this campaign has worked as I will order products. I'm actually really looking forward to using them and yes they will appear in my Gym Bunny series - If you don't agree with or like Protein World that's fine but maybe take a second to think that others may really love fitness and see the campaign as a challenge rather than an insult.

To make very clear here these are my opinions on a company I have, up until this day, not heard of or bought products from. I am in no way screaming from the rooftops that what they have done is right or wrong just that I feel this has gone way beyond an ad campaign and into the pockets of Protein World. 
I do feel that giving everyone body confidence is important but attacking this company is not going to be an impactful way of doing it. 

Update 28/04/2015

This email is taken from the Twitter account of Martin Daubney a Telegraph reporter and is directly from the head of Protein World - if this doesn't prove my point on the marketing campaign side of it I don't know what will!! 


Tamzin Swann said...

I agree so much, I don't quite understand why it's taken to heart. It's a health shop, they aren't exactly going to use a more plus size model as it defeats the object. I agree about it inspiring you to do better, I wouldn't half mind being as toned as her! x


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