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Friday, 24 April 2015

Haircare: Oil Reflections

oil reflections
Me and hair oils have a long term love affair. I have huge, curly, coarse, coloured hair that been abused since I knew what hair dye was so I have needed hair oil for survival.
I go through so many different types, brands, formulas and rarely find one I would buy more than twice (I like to give them a long term trial) but here's an exception to the trend.... the Wella Professionals Oil Reflections 100ml (£14.95). 

I grabbed this when I visited a local salon in Late January as they used it on my hair after styling. It was the gorgeous smell that first sent my senses a buzz and my desire to have it off the charts. I also love glass bottles which this happens to be so my first thoughts were very positive.
oil reflections
*Ignore the horrendous nails in the images - I was doing DIY and the polish couldn't handle it!*
The official blurb calls it a 'multi-sensory oil, that instantly reveals the natural reflections of the hair colour with a very lightweight technology.' Wella Professionals also say that it can be used in many ways with the main three being for conditioning, styling and finishing which lets be honest here..... all hair oils do all these things. 

I use it at various stages of my hair care routine; It goes onto towel dried hair, after I curl it and throughout the week when I feel it's extra dry. I adore the smell as it's lovely when you first put it on but then slowly dissipates throughout the day which for me is a plus. The texture is what you would expect from a good hair oil and my hair drinks it up extremely quickly - again another plus as I know it's gone to work fast. 

Overall I love it - it's just a damn good hair oil and now my hairs extra blonde which means extra damaged, my hairs survival depends on it.
hair oil
As you can see I'm on the very last dregs of this bottle now which hurts me as I have to wait for another to arrive. The joys of the glass bottle means that I can wash it out as use it for something else - I've not figured out what yet but I like having the option..... 
wella professionals
What's the best hair oil you've tried? I'm looking to expand my collection....


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