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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Tips for naturally gorgeous nails

Throughout my teen years I chewed my nails and they looked disgusting - I treated my hands  very badly. Looking back now it's probably why I take such good care of them now and try to have naturally gorgeous nails. Since I've put my nails through pretty much every natural, unnatural and old wives tale possible I'd thought I'd share some of the things that work for me.

Here's the main issues I have with my natural nails and hands in general shown on how my nails are after the gel polish is removed:

Nail Issues

Dry Skin
Healthy hands and nails always start with a healthy body so the obvious thing to do is drink lots of water. Following that I always have a hand moisturiser with me to ensure my hands stay super fresh all day. I find that if you can have one in a bathroom whether that be or work at home you can give your hands a moisture boost after every time you wash them. My go to is the one and only Soap and Glory Hand food in the travel/bag size, it's luxurious and doesn't leave a residue after :)

Now some of you with gel nails may recoil here in horror but yes I do oil my cuticles/nails when I have gel on them but more importantly when I don't. This is a basic thing for cuticle care but it's really important as it keeps the cuticle healthy which in-turn promote your nail health. 
I would highly recommend a manicure from a professional if you have unruly cuticles and can afford it as this is the perfect start in your gorgeous natural nail journey. Alternatively if this isn't an option soak your nails in hot water (don't scold yourself though) and the push back your cuticles with an orange stick aka cuticle pusher. Never cut your cuticles is what I have been told by many nail professionals as it can cause all sorts of problems with the least of which being infection! 

Nail Strength
Do you find some of your nails are weak and other super strong? For me it's my ring finger and little finger that are the weakest so in the past I have used nail strengthener to try and support them. To be honest these can be hot or miss so what I generally do is layer up on the clear polish with extra on those nails. Eventually with a healthy lifestyle and some TLC they will get there but patience here is key. 

Nail Streaks
This maybe the one thing on the list where you are like 'whaaaaaaaaat?' 
Nail streaks aren't something that happens to everyone or well maybe they do and barely anyone notices. They are little brown or red streaks that run down the nail (see my middle finger nail) called splinter hemorrhages which sound scary but are in fact not. They are lines of blood caused by a damaged nail normally after impact - I have very few on normally only one nail but if you have quite alot over many nails this can be a sign of other things. I'm no Doctor so if you are worried go to one and ask them to check it out. 
Sharp Edges
I scratch people alot... that's weird I know.  Generally it's by accident and it's because I have really sharp natural nails. I have to keep on top of them with filing plus check I have no bits that could catch on anything - catches lead to breakages and breakages lead to my broken heart :( My tip here would be that if you also have sharp nails carry a nail file in your bag - believe me on many occasions these can be nail savers for you and even friends who shriek out in need. A great cheap option are the Muji nail files as they are strong, do the job well and are easily stored in your bag. 

Different Lengths
Whilst checking my claws for sharp edges I also like to make sure they are all a similar length (you can see in the picture that currently it isn't that case.) Growing up I was obsessed with growing them so they would look very odd with my thumb nail normally being a super talon in comparison to the rest. My advice on this is to try to keep them all the same length whilst growing them - I know this is frustrating but it will keep them all uniform and pretty when you have no polish on. If you're a hard core nail grower just keep the polish on and only go french when you feel they are all the same. 

So there they are some basic tips and tricks for naturally gorgeous nails. I'm letting mine breathe for a while before I go for another set of gel nails - what colour do you think I should try? Here's a collection of previous favourites... 
Nail colour Collection


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