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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

How not to P**s everyone off at a gig!

Image taken from Barclaycard Area Twitter 
Two nights ago we went to see Ben Howard in Birmingham. It was an amazing gig bar some rather annoying girls sitting behind us who chatted the WHOLE way through, even getting louder when Ben was playing because they had to continue talking about Eastenders and boys. This got me very annoyed and so I wanted to lay out rules of respect at a gig for those who don't get it:

1) If you don't want to be there just go - 
You heard me just get out. I have no idea why you paid for tickets, travelled there and sat your butt down if you just wanted to take the mick throughout.

2) Stop talking -
At a music gig yes there is some chatter but to have a full blown 2 hour conversation during is just annoying and stupid! In relation to the girls behind us they didn't watch the gig at all and even were told off by several people around them who were also annoyed at them. If you really need to discuss Eastenders just wait until after - remember other people have paid to be there too and want to actually listen to the artist.

3) Don't go overboard with the flash -
I love social media. I love seeing pictures from people at gigs but being there in that arena I saw people actually watching the show through their phones or just constantly taking pictures rather than just enjoying it. Go ahead, take photos but don't go mental with the flash as it gets really annoying not just for everyone around you but also the artist. Ben Howard himself called out a girl who was in the front of the gig on her phone throughout his show and he was not amused! 

4) Were you born in a barn?
Lastly and most randomly, pick up your litter! Now this has no relation to dumb and dumber behind us but rather to a 30+ year old woman sitting in front of us. After finishing her numerous drinks she proceeded to throw all the cups on the floor! Now bear in mind where she was throwing them was were people were going to sit and there are bins all over the Barclaycard arena so to her I say 'WTF! Were you born in a barn?' 
And breathe....
This whole post has made me realise that I'm becoming a grumpy adult but I actually don't care. A lot of these rules also apply to when you are in the cinema so the one thing I want to get across here is just be courteous and respectful to those around you, in any situation, it just came out in rant form! 


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