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Monday, 30 March 2015

Say Hello to Tara Enyia

Following on from my last post you will have noticed/read my blog has changed completely and most importantly my logo. So what's with the change......?

I knew what I wanted when I decided to revamp BbyB and that was an illustrated logo. I adore illustration, especially fashion illustration and have quite the book collection on the subject and illustrators themselves. I spent months, no exaggeration here when I say months, researching and approaching illustrators to see if they were open to doing a blog design as many had never done it before. At the end of month two I came across Tara Enyia and instantly fell in love with her style and creativeness. After some discussions about my ideas and the blog itself the lovely Tara sent over ideas and designs and we ended up with what you see as my logo (Go on scroll up, you know you want to.)

I adore it and really loved working with Tara. I asked to interview her for the blog and she kindly agreed so get to know her below - also make sure to read until the end to grab her contact details and portfolio :)

Tara Enyia

Tell us a bit about you...
My name is Tara Enyia, I am a London born Illustrator, focusing on Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle. I am currently a BA Fashion Illustration student at London College of Fashion but when I am not illustrating I’m baking, traveling or wondering around museums wishing I lived in them. 

Tara Kit Magazine
Both double page spreads taken from Kit Magazine
Tara Kit Magazine
When did your passion for illustration start?
I was completely obsessed with graphic novels as a child (the influence of having an older brother) and from there my other interests like fashion, cuisine, architecture etc. kind of moulded my illustrative style and perspective to what it is today. 

What has been your favourite piece of work to date?
That’s a tough question.. I’m creating a calendar at the moment so probably that. It’s fun and cute and can’t wait for it to be on my studio wall.

Tara Jan
Tara Feb
Tara March

Who would be your dream client?
Anybody who really loves my work, it’s an honour to create for people who appreciate it.

What plans do you have for you your brand in 2015?
Expand, expand, expand. It’s as simple as that :)

What advice would you give for fellow young illustrators just starting out?
We can all become complacent with ones abilities - DON’T. Keep learning and keep growing it will make you great. 

Sometimes it’s very easy to look at other peoples work and feel inadequate, it’s really important to believe in your talent. Its honestly most of the battle. There will always be a place for  what you do. Thats the beauty of art.

If you don’t love it whole-heartedly and unconditionally don’t do it. It’s hard work and sometimes you just don’t feel very creative and somehow everything you draw is absolutely awful to you. But, it’s not. Passion will see you through and you’ll probably get a better outcome then you every could have imagined because you had to jump over a few hurdles first.

And some questions for our beauty & fashion lovers…..
Tara Mac
What is your favourite lipstick colour?
Mac’s Freckletone or Mocha. Wouldn’t leave the house without it 

What brand of beauty could you not survive without?
Mac Cosmetics 

Favourite fashion brand?
High street: COS 
Luxury: Celine

Where can people see your work? 

If you want to commission Tara for your blog or for another project please contact her through her Facebook :)

Stay tuned for more artist interviews as this has sparked a real passion to share more amazing work! 


Becky Burden said...

Love the custom designed header! One day I will have to splurge for one of my own.


Becky Burden said...

Such a gorgeous banner! Your blog layout is amazing. The Illustration is so unique!

EricaRosa Blog

Becky Burden said...

Wowzers! The new look is totally stunning, very unique and fresh, personal to you. I love it! Illustration is such a personal medium, very enchanting. Awesome design for an awesome blog. xx

Sarah | www.seriouslyshallow.co.uk

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