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Monday, 16 March 2015

Elegant wish and Vegas on the horizon

Elegant Wish

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that I'm off to Vegas so as you are reading this I am on a long haul flight probably half way there. I am mega exited and of course had to get holiday ready. 

First on my holiday ready list is always nails and this time I decided to with red tones as I associate Vegas with bold, bright colours and glitter. On my toes I went for a classic red whilst I decided on a little deeper tone on my fingers - it's called Elegant Wish and is red enough for Vegas but deep enough to still in keep with my personality and more importantly wardrobe. What I love about this colour, which the picture doesn't do great justice to, is the subtle shimmer and glitter that it holds which catches the light beautifully.

I'm so looking forward to exploring Vegas and having my nails done with a gel colour like this means I don't have to think too hard about taking care of them and they are protected. I got them done at Mint Nail and Beauty in Birmingham who always do them well and normally they can last up to three weeks before lifting. I'm hoping they will still look lovely by the time I get back but until then I'm going to have a lot of fun under the bright lights of the Vegas strip!

Elegant wish

So I hope this has given you some colour inspiration for next time you go to the nail salon and I'll be back soon xx


Amanda Louisa said...

Gorgeous colour! Have a lovely time in Vegas!


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