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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

At home Gel nails with Fuse

I will tell you now the that idea of 'at home gel nails' made me feel a bit queezy. I love gel nails (if you've ever read B by B you will know this) so for me the DIY version could only be a fad, silly and more than likely a waste of time but as I always say you have to try everything once.  After voicing these thoughts I was lucky enough to be sent over a set of the Fuse Gelnamel by SensatioNail and after going through my initial reservations I bit the bullet and decided to try it.

The brand blurb say that Fuse is 'not just a polish, it's the world's first Gelnamel and Instant Drying!' 
"Created by the makers of SensatioNail, the FUSE Gelnamel features an all-in-one coverage from start to finish with a prprietary anti-chip technology that seamlessly provides megawatt shine thats lasts" - I was eager to test the claims...

The what:

The set itself comes in a cute little plastic cube with the individual UV light and the gel colour polish on display. I really love this design aspect because it was really easy to store and I think for gifts it would be perfect - first impression = fab! I don't normally opt for the type of colour I was sent so this was a double leap into the unknown..

Fuse Gelnamel

What's in the box?

1 x High-powered, USB charged, ultra portable LED lamp (in three parts)
1 x Gelnamel colour
1 x instructions
1 x nail file
1 x cuticle pusher stick thingy (yes I have no clue what they are called!)
1 x pack of wipes
1 x cleanser

Fuse Gelnamel

The How to:

First of all you file the nail to shape to where you are happy and sort out your cuticles. Then apply the cleanser to one of the handy little pads and clean the nails - I think you are meant to do this before each nail application but being 100% honest that is way to time consuming so I cleansed a hand at a time. Then onto the colour...

Once the first coat is applied you place your finger in the individual UV lamp and press the button on the top. It's on for 30 seconds (which at times feels a lot longer) and then the light goes out. I did this for three coats on each nail as I wanted an intense colour. The coral/orange I had needed at least two as the first coat was a little washy but this is typical of gel colours really...

Fuse UV

Coat 1 vs Coat 3 (Ignore the dry skin :/ )

Fuse Gel 

Following the application to all nails you then use the cleanser again to take off any excess. I was shocked at the amount that came off but it didn't affect the colour - mind boggling.

Fuse Cleanser

And here are the results the morning after doing them.......

Fuse nails

The after:

Realistically I didn't expect at home gel nail to last very long. When I have them done in the salon I can push it up to three weeks before needing them redone so in my minds eye I saw them lasting about a week max and I was right.  After about 6 days I noticed the colour fading and on day 7 there was chip :( Now bear in mind I'm not precious about my hands so I clean the house without marigolds on etc so basically I do all the things you're advised to take care when doing when having gel nails - overall I was pleased they had survived the week.

On my second test with them I did the three colour coats but also added a top coat - yes, yes I know you don't need one but I was testing a theory.... and they lasted 15 days when I did that so I found a way around the issue..15 days people!!!!

Overall thoughts:

I did enjoy the process of doing my nails this was and I like the idea of being able to have a longer wearing colour without having to trek to the nail salon. Plus having a UV mini lamp can only be useful right?

I'm actually looking forward to trying out some of the other colours on offer and trialling it out on my moms nails (another gel nail convert) as she's also really interested in the process. Overall this is so much more cost effective than having your nails done professionally and I can see over time weaning myself off the salon and doing this on my own. Who can resist right?!?

Do you love gel nails? Is this something you'd try?


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