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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Hello Hydraluron

Recently I ran out of my current favourite moisturiser the Eau Thermale Avene Rich Compensating Cream so headed out to Boots to grab some more. Due to the shop having non in stock :( I opted for an alternative...

Hydraluron Serum

What I picked up was a tube of the Hydraluron Ultimate Moisture Boosting Serum (£24.99) and a box of the Moisture Boosting masks (£19.99) by Indeed Labs - I'll be honest here and say I bought the masks for the sheer laugh of it as I can't wait to scare my mom with them! (sorry mom if you're reading this and I already jumped out at you with it on! :) ) 

It was the rather clinical yet girly packaging that immediately drew me in so I spent about ten minutes reading the information and decided to give it a proper try. I have had the boosting serum before but I ended up giving it to a friend as as the time I didn't really use it and it would have gone to waste - turns out she loved it but happened not to mention that to me!! 

The serum itself contains a pure form hyaluronic acid which not only moisturises but also plumps the skin, stimulates cell turnover and boosts the power of your every day moisturiser product so I had high hopes for this baby. I've been using the serum now for around a month under another random moisturiser and I can say I have seen a significant difference in my skin tone especially around the skin around my nose where normally it would be very dry. Since using this my skin has felt smoother and I would say on occasions plumper but since I have hamster cheeks it's hard to tell!! 

Hydraluron Mask

I'm yet to try the masks as I'm saving them for a pamper session or when I go on holiday as I think they will be perfect to throw in my suitcase! They look sheer madness to me but if they work anything like the serum I know it will be worth the Hannibal look!

Have you guys tried any Indeed Labs products? Since this is my first time giving them ago I'd love to read some recommendations :)


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