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Monday, 12 January 2015

Point Blanc - The white eyeliner trend

Wearing white eyeliner may seem like an unusual trend but in reality it can amp up an otherwise plain look and really ensure that you have unique eyes. During fashion week white liner has been used by make up artists to create anything from simple chic to dramatic evening looks that are all wearable and easily translated into everyday life. 

The easiest way to try this trend is to line your water line in white. This really opens up the eye and when teamed with a coloured lid really makes the colour of your eyes pop. If you do have smaller eyes this will become a go-to weapon in your makeup arsenal and other people will really notice a difference. 

White Eyeliner

You can simplify this water line technique even more and just place it around the inner corner of you eyes. This trick attracts light into your eyes and if you really can’t bear liner in your waterline this is the option for you. Another plus is this creates a dramatic illusion to the eyes, opening them up and elongating them without screaming that white eyeliner is just how you've done it.

White Eyeliner Highlights

If you are a devotee of black liner this next tip may be the key for you. To really make your traditional black cat eye liner demand attention add white liner just above in a parallel line. This makes the black appear darker and your eyelid appear wider for a doe - eyed pin up look. Amp it up even more, ditch your black liner and opt for a colour line such as purple or green. These colours combined with the white liner demand attention and have maximum impact when teamed with a nude lip. 

White eyeliner trend

For the top level of drama ditch the black cat eye liner and go solely for the white. Now this one isn’t for the feint hearted but will certainly ensure your fashionista status at the next evening function you attend.

White Eyeliner

White eyeliner is truly versatile and in trying some of these simple suggestions you will be able to add the catwalk to your everyday looks. As an alternative if the idea of white scares you try a nude or champagne coloured liner first to practice the looks and build from there. Both colours are more subtle and a better option mature ladies as it appears more natural.
Have you tried white eyeliner as part of your looks? I would love to see so please leave your links! 
This piece was featured in Edge Magazine which I am super stoked about :)  

*All images taken from models direct*


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