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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Inspiration drives passion: Schön Magazine


Sometimes I come across articles, images or text that blow my mind with how amazing they are and this is one of them. This article called 'Hua/' for Schön Magazine immediately caught my eye as it is a stunning mix of fashion photography and illustration. 
"Photographed by Sam Fisher and with makeup by Aga Dobosz, this Schön! editorial uses makeup by MACNARSIllamasqua and YSL to create a calm and serene beauty shoot inspired by nature."


The beautiful illustration was created by Jacqueline Colley who is a textile designer based in London. Her elegant natural designs compliment the ethereal tone of the fashion featured and the whole feature flows together beautifully. I studied visual communication so this for me shows real synchronicity between the creatives on this piece for the vision they wished to capture. *swoon* 


Instagram: +Schön! Magazine 

I want to share more pieces like this as I find them really inspirational and I find they drive my passion to try new forms of expressing creativity. I also want to showcase articles like this so they are introduced to a new audience (if you weren't already aware of the magazine) and to showcase the amazing talents from around the world. I have been reading Schön since edition 4/5 and am hooked as the magazine is more like art than a standard fashion print.

*This images are of course taken from Schön Magazine online and copyrighted to them. NOT sponsored*


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