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Monday, 5 January 2015

Crabs in a bucket; a negative mentality

Have you ever that phrase? Crabs in a bucket - yep, that's a thing.....

I first heard it recently and it's really stuck in my mind. The basic concept is that of a crab's mentality when you place a group of them in a bucket which is also one that is easily viewed in us humans (obviously without us being in a bucket.) The video below will help you with my train of thought here:

Basically it covers in a simple metaphor, the mentality of people who think 'well if I can't have it, neither can you." 

The crabs in the video could have actually got out of there really easily as it's not a deep bowl but instead as the one goes to leave another grabs it's leg. In the crab's world it's a battle of dominance to be 'on top of the hill' but the reality is that no one can escape and everyone gets eaten - silly right?

So to my point..

This behaviour is also highlighted in us humans where people will try to pull down and pour negativity on anyone who is more successful than them out of feelings of jealousy and competition. If you look around you it will be become obvious those who do this to what ever extent whether in just a comment or a full on assault on someones personality. In blogging I have seen this more often than I would like and we have all heard of trolls and the vileness that the internet can spawn.

I will hold my hands up here and say I am guilty of feeling negatively towards people in the tops of their fields purely through my own jealously and stupidity. This is something that I am working on myself as although I never act on it, I feel that any outward negativity can only come back and impact negatively on me - karma as they say, is a bitch. I think if everyone really did some self reflection and was truly honest you could admit we have all felt this due to our own insecurity and we have all been, to whatever extent, those crabs in a bucket. We could also choose as a society to change these traits that are becoming more and more intense (especially online) and turn them upside down - promote positivity and be proud of those achieving their dreams rather than stay in that bucket!! 

Hopefully this post has given you something to think about or if nothing else, has introduced you to a new phrase for your repertoire. I know it's an unusual bit of open self reflection on my part but I decided this year to be more open on here so it's all part and parcel of that. 

Let me know in the comments of your blog and bloggers who you love to read and are proud of. I'd love to get to know some new ones and spread the love :)


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