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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Christmas/New Year Nails

Jet Set Nails with Steel Glitter

Again this post is a little late considering it's now January but I loved these nails and since I always do a nail post it felt weird not posting this. 

If you've seen any of my previous gel nails posts you will know I go to a place in Birmingham called Mint Nail & Beauty and that's where these beauties were done. I went in the week before Christmas with the intent of having traditional red or gold nails - yes dull I know but I wanted just something really simple and in keeping with the holiday season. 
Steel Glitter Nails
Ignore my dry skin :( Damn the cold weather!
So I go in, sit down and await my lovely nail technician and casually glance around the salon - at this point I'm still thinking red nails are going to look sweet. I go over and sit down at the table where I will be having my nails done and the gorgeous lady next to me has her nails done but with one glitter nail. I have seen this done alot but for some reason in that second I was like I HAVE TO HAVE A GLITTER NAIL.... I put this down to the glitter baubles that were everywhere, in every shop on the way to the salon and the fact I am easily influenced. 

I looked through the glitters and fell head over heels for the Steel Glitter and since red was no longer in my mind I chose to pair it with Jet Set. So instead of traditional Christmas nails I ended up with modern grey/silver Christmas and I loved them! I learnt a lesson here when it comes to my nails - just decide whilst in the salon as it avoids a long winded story :)  

What nail colour did you have over the Christmas period? If you have pics I'd love to see :)
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