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Friday, 23 January 2015

Brace Bonding

On Monday I stood on the steps of my dentist waiting for it to open with a gentlemen who also had braces. His were the classic metal, mine the clear/ white ones and of course we bonded over our knashers. I love these random life conversations that come up ever so often and it made me reflect on my time with braces. 

I think everyone who has had or who currently has braces has a bond, a shared experience of good and bad that centers around our teeth. Now this post isn't meant to alienate those without braces as I'm sure the thought may have crossed your mind to what it's like to have them, but you know sometimes a girls got to ramble....

I confessed on bbyb about having braces in March 2014 which was a big deal for me. I had braces in my younger years too so at the time I felt my world had ended and I became very insecure, rarely smiling in public or photos. I have grown accustomed to them now and whilst chatting on the steps of the dentists office I found that the gentlemen I was speaking to was the same. He was alot older than me and knowing that he, a confident business man also had these insecurities was comforting but I knew I could pass on some helpful tips to make his life a little easier. And there you go, a random life chat with a stranger that made us both feel better - what a great start to the day! 

This has sparked something in me to be more open to speaking with strangers in public. Yes, we all grew up with the don't talk to strangers bit and in some cases I 100% wouldn't bother but in 'safe' environments or where someone is just being polite I am going to start chatting. Who knows, by doing this I may be able to help someone out or just change up their day....

Have you ever started a random conversation? I challenge you to be polite and see what happens.... 

Becky xx 


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