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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Blog Under Construction....

Look around this post, what do you see? I see a very plain, simple blog layout that obviously needs a lot of work. To put it bluntly my blog has been 'under construction' for some time. I didn't think it was that much of an issue until I felt myself not loving it as much anymore and spending less and less time here.

Over the time I have been writing on this blog it has evolved from 'Beloved Beauty' to 'B by B' and has had two mini facelifts - busy considering the short time frame it all happened within. I don't regret making my blogs name more concise as I love it but I think I went into mini changes before too quickly before I knew 100% what I wanted. 

I made a decision near the tail end of 2014 to really make the aesthetic of my blog reflect me and spend real time deciding how to portray that. I made mood boards, lists, collages and all kinds of inspiration boards on Pinterest to see patterns in what I do like to make sure I go with something I will love long term. From there I looked into the best blog designers, decided who I wanted to make my new blog look and into illustrators to design my new header. I'm really excited now as thing are happening behind the scenes here at B by B and my passion for my blog is all consuming again.

So here's to my new blog design which I hope will be live sometime in February. You may notice things start to change and update and if you do have any feedback I would love to hear it. I do this blog because I love writing and that's the point of all this for me so the new aesthetic will just be the cherry on top!!

Thank you for reading this little rant and I hope you stick around for the new look launch!


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